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Jointly organized by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University (BBAU)

and Association of the Socio-Economic Development Studies (ASEDS)



Conference Coordinator: Prof. NMP Verma

For details visit: www.bbau.ac.in


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School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi



From Experience to Thought: Debates in Consciousness, Cognition and Agency

7th, 8th and 9th January, 2010

Committee Room, School of Social Sciences – I

The relationship between our experience of the external world, other persons and of us and thoughts arising out of these different levels of experience has been a major area of philosophical enquiry. Along with our bodily and emotional experiences, perception and the other sensory modalities give us experience of the world. We also entertain thoughts, both particular as well as general, about the world and about ourselves. Some of these experiences, sensations and thoughts are conscious, some are not. Clearly, experience influences thought – you see an accident and form the belief that someone is in distress. Or you experience your own actions, and revise your beliefs about what you want accordingly. Furthermore, our thoughts influence our experience – you decide to try out skydiving and gain some new experiences. Or your expectations colour how you experience the world. But the epistemic and cognitive relations between experience and thought and the philosophical underpinnings of this interaction are not well understood. Neither is it clear as to what role consciousness plays in connecting experience to thought. This set of problems touch upon influential problems in metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of mind, as well as more tangible issues in theories of agency, critical thinking, decision theory, as well as moral theory and psychopathology. The dynamic and interactive relation between experience and thought has been studied not only by philosophers, but also by psychologists, cognitive scientists, neuroscientists and other allied disciplines. This conference will take an interdisciplinary approach to this question of how experience and thought influence each other, (or, may be, the more fundamental question as to whether they are at all separable) and consider novel ways of understanding how we get from experience to thought and then back again. This problem can be approached from different, but not unrelated perspectives. There are important insights that can be drawn from Classical Indian Philosophy regarding the relation between experiences and thought that may also be used in problematizing and understanding the debates in this area.
More details:

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National Conference on Changing

Fabric of Intimate Relationships –

Challenges to Theories and Practices in

 Mental Health

13 to 14 February 2009
Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Website: http://www.christuniversity.in
Contact name: Conference Secretariat

Family structures in transition Culture&Diversity Issues in Intimacy Challenges to Parenting Emerging contexts of intimacies�Work&Cyberspace Alternative Sexualities IT&Intimate relationships Intimacies in therapeutic relationships etc..

Organized by: Department of Psychology, Christ University
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 7 December 2008

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Renaissance of the Ancient Traditions: Challenges and Solutions

31 January 2009 to 5 February 2009
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Website: http://www.iccsus.org
Contact name: Virag Pachpore

World council of elders of the Ancient Traditions and Cultures (WCEATC) a forum of Elders under the auspices of ICCS (International Center for Cultural Studies USA Inc. ) in Collaboration with World Congress of Ethnic religions (wcer.org).

Organized by: ICCS (International Center for Cultural Studies USA Inc.
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: Not available.

Check the event website for latest details. Go to:


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Global Congress on World’s Religions after September 11- An Asian Perspective

17 to 20 January 2009
New Delhi, India

Website: http://www.worldsreligionsjamia.com
Contact name: Prof. Madhu Khanna & Elango


The Congress proposes to bring together a distinguished community of scholars and academics, leading voices and representatives from different faiths, the media and NGOs working in the field of peace-building.

Organized by: Jamia Millia Islamia – A Central University
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 30 September 2008

Check the event website for latest details. Go to:



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Rethinking Religion in India II: ‘Rethinking Secularism’

10 to 13 January 2009
New Delhi, India

Website: http://www.cultuurwetenschap.be/conferences/RRI
Contact name: Esther Bloch

Today all reflection on communal strife in India is hijacked by the struggle between Hindutva and secularism. This conference wants to examine the limitations of the conceptual framework shared by both, and formulate an alternative.

Organized by: Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap (Ghent University)
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 30 September 2008

Check the event website for latest details.

Go to :


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