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The International Journal of Legal & Social Studies (IJLSS) is now accepting submissions for its upcoming Special issue – 4 on clinical legal education and legal aid.

Suggested topics include, but are by no means limited to:

Clinical legal education and research – new opportunities.
Filling the justice gap: the role of clinics.
New and innovative models for clinical legal education.
The role of clinical legal education in enhancing student employability.
To what extent can clinical legal education incorporate legal theory as well as legal practice?
Practitioner views on clinical legal education.

Role of legal Aid committee in Justice System 

Where is clinical legal education located within broader discussions of access to justice in India ?

As legal education as a whole faces a shifting landscape, where is clinical legal education located now and in the future?

How do clinics “locate” themselves within the communities and places where they exist?

How should clinic lawyers and students think about our place as advocates for marginalized members of communities and our place within the larger legal community?

The Emergence, Growth and Sustainability of Clinical Legal Education Programmes

Learning from Best Practice: International Clinical Perspectives

Papers may be submitted under the following categories:

Long Articles: Between 5000 and 8000 words, inclusive of footnotes. Papers in this category are expected to engage with the theme comprehensively, examine literature comprehensively, and offer an innovative reassessment of the current understanding of that theme. It is advisable, though not necessary, to choose a theme that is of contemporary importance. Purely theoretical pieces are also welcomed.

Essays: Between 3000 and 5000 words, inclusive of footnotes. Essays are far more concise in scope. These papers usually deal with a very specific issue, and argue that the issue must be conceptualized differently. They are more engaging, and make a more easily identifiable, concrete argument.

Case Notes: Between 1500 and 2500 words, inclusive of footnotes. This is an analysis of any contemporary judicial pronouncement, whether in India or elsewhere. It must identify and examine the line of cases in which the decision in question came about, and comment on implications for the evolution of that branch of law.


Submissions are preferred in the font style ‘Garamond‘, font size 12, spacing of 1.5 unit. The title of the paper should be in font size 16 and bold. The name of name of the author(s) should be in font size 16 and italic. All the footnotes should be in the font style ‘Garamond‘ and font size 10. All submissions must be word processed, and compatible with Microsoft Word 2007. Submissions must conform to the Bluebook (19th edn.) system of citation. No hard copies of submission are accepted.


Please submit the paper to internationaljlss@gmail.com  indicating which category your paper is intended for. All submissions should contain the name of the author, professional information, the title of the manuscript, and contact information. Submissions may be emailed with the subject heading ‘IJLSS – Submissions’.


The last date for submissions of papers is 10, August 2015

for more details visit : http://ijlss.co.in/

No publication fees

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Call for Paper on Mission Kakatiya-Telangana
 Dear Sir/Madam,

KAKATIYA having ISSN 2394- 6733 is an National peer reviewed open access journal published by Chinuku Publications, Hyderabad in collaboration with HISS Publications, Hyderabad.

We are pleased to consider submitted articles to kaakatiyya@gmail.com

or hisspublications@gmail.com

You are requested to circulate this message among your colleagues. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanking you Best Regards


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MCPH is organizing a conference, ‘Dharma and the Past’ from January 19-20, 2015, on history and to interact with esteemed historian Romila Thapar.  The intention of the workshop is to critically engage with the oeuvre of Prof Romila Thapar’s work, and especially the strand on conceptual and historiographic questions of memory, selfhood, caste, ancient and modern Hindu identity. Doctoral candidates and post-graduate scholars are invited to participate in the conference.

Prof Thapar will respond to the comments of selected proposals, as well as to an invited panel of philosophers and political theorists. Please send a proposal of 1000 words, explaining your interest in the workshop, by November 23, 2014. Those who wish to only attend the conference are also encouraged to apply. There is a registration fee of Rs 500 for those selected, which includes free ccommodation from January 18th to 21st. Please send CV and proposal to mcph.events@manipal.edu with subject heading ‘Dharma and the Past’.

Download the details:

dharma and the past

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Call for Synopsis/Papers for Philosophy Chair in

Interdisciplinary Research Projects


World Conference on Existential Harmony – 2014

IASE (D) University and Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahar, Rajasthan, India have decided to launch a hydra-headed Interdisciplinary Research Project of peace and harmony. It is estimated that approximately 100 interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research projects would be undertaken under the guidance of eminent professors and research scholars. This will be followed by a World Conference on Existential Harmony 2014 to explore the philosophy of existential harmony. The Conference will also highlight the scientific aspects of the universal order and examine social, economic and political theories with the objective of drafting a universally acceptable curriculum for college and school students.


  • To identify current challenges in      identifying “human problems” and solving them
  • To promote inter &      multi-disciplinary research activities for Peace & Harmony
  • To orient the Global academic community      towards Peace& Harmony Studies
  • To establish, promote & strengthen      an International Centre for Peace & Harmony Studies
  • To Draft an outline of a Universal      Curriculum for Peace& Harmony Education
  • To bring out      literature/books/Study      Material/ Journal/Research Articles on      various topics related to Peace & Harmony Education (Content      Development)
  • To develop Political, Social, Economic      harmony Theories
  • To create a network of Peace      Researchers, Workers & Academicians



The University has decided to conductthe research projects into 7 Harmony Chairs, namely Philosophy, Science & Technology, Religious, Social, Political, Economical & Media. In Philosophy Chair there will 10-15 projects conducted by various scholars interested in this project and grant provided them to conduct research work.

Those faculty/researchers/ scholars want to be a part of this project, kindly send a synopsis of their research interest and according to sub-themes or related to the themes, may send their synopsis till 30th January, 2013 in 1000-1500 words with a short bio-data. Tentative themes of the project are mentioned below:




  • Philosophy of Peace & Harmony
  • Existence as Co-existence
  • Philosophy of science with reference to orderliness
  • Comparative & Analytical studies of Philosophies
  • Objective of the Philosophical studies
  • Dialectic Vs Order : A Comparative Analysis



Dr. Desh Raj Sirswal, Programme Coordinator,

Centre for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (CPPIS),

Pehowa (Kurukshetra)-136128 (Haryana)

cppiskkr@gmail.com, dr.sirswal@gmail.com

09896848775, 08288883993


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