World Congress On Interdisciplinary Innovative Research In Education, Law, Governance, Gender Studies, Humanities and Various Management Practices

10th to 10th June 2017
New Delhi, India

Website: http://krishisanskriti.org/congress17.html
Contact person: Dr. G. C. Mishra

Organizer Invites abstracts/research papers for oral/poster presentation in International Conference in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. All Selected papers will be published in International Journals having ISSN.

Organized by: Krishi Sanskriti Publications
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 3rd June 2017



G.D. Goenka University (GDGU) aims to benchmark its systems and processes to match with the best in the world. It has already collaborated with Politecnico di Milano, Le Cordon Bleu, University of California-Riverside, KPMG, BSI, CILT-UK and has emerged as a centre for advanced studies and research in an interdisciplinary learning environment.

GDGU invites applications from highly qualified and distinguished research oriented faculty members with a proven track record in their respective discipline/specialization for positions of Professors, Associate Professors & Assistant Professors for the following existing as well as proposed schools:

Schools Discipline/ Specialization
SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING Architectural Design, Building Construction Technology, Environmental Studies & Landscape, History of Architecture, Art & Culture and Human Settlements
SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION Digital Photography, Media Research, Multimedia, Film Studies and Public Relations
SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Educational Philosophies, Educational Policy Framework, Educational Psychology, Infrastructure Planning and Social Research Methods, Education Management, Educational Leadership
SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Computer Science, Chemistry, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics & Electrical, Forensic Science, Mathematics and Physics
SCHOOL OF FASHION & DESIGN Fashion Design, Foundation Studies, Graphic/Communication Design, Industrial / Product Design, Interior/ Space Design and Jewelry Design
SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY Bakery, Confectionery, F&B Production, F&B Service, Front Office, House Keeping and Pastry
SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCE Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics, Sociology, Public Administration,Political Science,Economics, Social Work, Philosophy, History, English, Travel and Tourism, Geography, Anthropology, Library and Information Science, Spanish, Italian
SCHOOL OF LAW Constitutional Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Cyber Law, IPR, Labour Law and Political Science
SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Accounts & Finance, Economics, International Business, IT, Marketing, OB & HR, Operations, Retail Management and Supply Chain Management
SCHOOL OF MEDICAL & ALLIED SCIENCES Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Health and Public Health

Qualifications and Experience as per the norms of UGC and relevant statutory bodies like BCI, CoA, PCI & NCTE.



Libertatem Magazine’s


A Libertatem Media Group Publication



About Libertatem Group

Libertatem Group is the parent organization of “Libertatem Magazine Publishers” which also completely owns and controls other publication houses such as “The Law Brigade Publishers” & “Creative Connect International Publishers”. These two publication houses together operate and publish 16 Legal Journals on specific subjects as well as contemporary issues. Apart from the above mentioned 3 publishing businesses, Libertatem Group also operates in Car Rental Services under the brand name of “Ghoomte Phirte” as well as Digital Marketing Services. Founded by two law students, Ankita Ranawat & Rahul Ranjan, in February 2015 with just one publication under its banner, Libertatem Group now expands to Magazines, Journals, Marketing Services and Car Rentals et al.


About Libertatem Magazine

“We’re here to ensure that you miss nothing that matters – from stories that make headlines across the world to those that affect your professional life.”

At Libertatem Magazine, we respect everyone’s right to speak. In today’s world, we think that if you do not know your rights, you are prone to exploitation. Hence, we strive towards creating an awareness among the people not just their rights, but duties as well. We also aspire to keep people informed by the latest happenings in the Courtroom which they would otherwise be unaware of.

Libertatem Magazine serves as a legal awareness resource for all, ranging from Students to Academicians to Practicing Advocates to a Common Man. Libertatem Magazine helps in the formulation of opinions and prepares an individual for a journey through our in-depth scrutinized content on a wide range of topics including political, legal and social, besides the matters of national & international significance.

We do not believe in selling what we think is “right” or what we think is “wrong” because we believe that we are no one to decide what is right or wrong for you. With this spirit, we try to facilitate creating legal awareness through various sections of our magazine so that “People” can themselves make an informed decision. We, at Libertatem, leave it to the people, nationally and globally, to interpret the information themselves. Hence, our USP is “let the people decide”

We are one of India’s rapidly growing English Monthly, with the magazine circulation of over 47 thousand across the nation and an online readership of over 1 million monthly.

Our team covers a wide range of sections including politics, education, business, technology & national and international affairs, besides others and publishes them under the various heads of “Articles”, “the Courtroom”, “Igniting Minds”, “Editorials”, etc.


About the recruitment

We believe “Awareness is the Key to Everything” and hence we strive to create Legal Awareness among the maximum number of people. With this line of thought we have started creating, publishing and promoting the content which generates legal awareness and in this endeavor we seek to engage more ignited minds with us.

The basic work profile includes:

Content development Team (Number of positions available – 30)

  • Creating content on the topics of national importance (strictly according to our magazine’s guidelines).
  • Content Developers will be divided into 2 groups, one for creating content on a monthly basis covering the entire development on a particular story (in around 1200 words +) and the other group for developing/publishing stories as and when they break out which would be comparatively smaller in length (around 500 words).
  • Working closely with the editorial and the publishing team for editing & publishing stories.
  • Research and analyze the truth behind a story and provide sufficient evidences for the same (which shall be kept in the magazine’s archives).
  • Should be flexible with changing work structure.
  • A Sample of the work can be found here.

The Courtroom Team (Number of positions available – 60)

  • Members of this team would be responsible for creating short case briefs/ case report highlighting the cases which are of national importance. The word limit for the same would be300 to 400 words per case.
  • The members of this team will be working on around 6-8 cases a month (with 300-400 words per case). The cases will be allotted on weekly basis (generally on weekends) or on urgent basis as and when needed (such as in Nirbhaya’s case) which needs to be published immediately.
  • Members may be allotted cases based on their area of interest or courts (such as NGT or, Bombay HC or SC etc.) or on need basis.
  • Should be flexible with changing work structure.
  • Sample of the work can be found here.

Editing Team (Number of positions available – 15)

  • The editing team is responsible for editing and proofing the contents developed by the Content Developers & the Courtroom team.
  • The editing team needs to edit all contents based on the customized guidelines for each categories which helps the magazine articles to be featured on the news portals and search results.
  • Should be flexible with changing work structure.

Marketing Team

Social Media Managers (Number of positions available – 20)

  • Marketing team members would be divided into different small teams based on different social media platforms and would be allotted promotion activity for contents of the Magazine as and when they appear.
  • They would be responsible for operating and maintaining social media profiles of the Magazine on respective social media.

Outreach Programme Executives (Number of positions available – 50)

  • Outreach Programme executives would be required to work closely with different law colleges and universities and bring in collaborations/ partnerships to the Magazine.
  • Training for the work will be provided by us.

Sponsorship & Advertisement Executives (Number of positions available – 20)

  • Work Profile will include contacting advertisers and sponsors in order to bring in Advertisement for the magazine. All materials will be provided by us such as brochures.
  • This work would be paid and the executive will be working on a commission basis. The commission may vary from 10% to 15% of the deal amount.


Number of Positions & Work Hours Involved

Team Number of Positions Expected Work hours
Content Development 30 10 hrs/month
The Courtroom 60 2 hours/week
Editing 15 2-3 hours/week
Social Media Managers 20 5-7 hours/week
Outreach executives 50 4-5 hrs/ week
Sponsorship & Advertisement Executives 20 4-5 hrs/ week




  • A Certificate will be provided at the end of 6/12 months tenure
  • Letter of recommendation will be provided for each member (unless they are fired.)
  • Flexible work hours
  • An enriching opportunity of learning and sharpening of research and writing skills and imparting awareness & knowledge among the common man as the motive of the organization is the welfare of the people at large.
  • Opportunity to interact and network with new people from Law School and University round the country and work with some of the best legal minds in India.
  • Work on exciting, meaningful and innovative projects and will learn skills which will complement your academic qualification.


Who Can Apply

We welcome anyone who is crazy enough to spread his message across the citizens of this country.

  • Anyone who is interested and has the enthusiasm to spread legal awareness among the common people of the nation;
  • Anyone who feels the media should report stories in an unbiased manner and should not go for paid contents;
  • Anyone who wish to be the face of change in the world of media and communications.



This talent acquisition is an invitation to join Libertatem Magazine on a Volunteer Basis. No Remuneration is to be paid for the work, however, certificates will be provided upon successful tenure.


Selection Procedure

The Selection Procedure is as follows:

  1. Application for the position, the link to which has been mentioned at the end.
  2. The application will be then forwarded to the Selection Board of the Libertatem Magazine which scrutinizes the applications and forwards the same to the respective team’s Vice President.
  3. The VP of the respective team shall create a WhatsApp Group for better communication and allot articles (for content developers), cases (for courtroom team) and articles to edit (for editors) with a deadline. For Marketing Team, telephonic interview shall be conducted.
  4. The applicants are required to submit their work before the deadline after which the work will be evaluated by the Selection Board.
  5. Upon the completion of the review, email confirmations will be sent to all the approved applicants.

Note: The Magazine (or for that matter any media organization) works in a fast track manner. No one will get 3-4 days of time to write one short piece of article or edit it. Hence, you will be required to be prompt and fast with respect to your work to get selected.


Important Dates

Applications Roll-Out Date –           10th May, 2017

Application Deadline –                      25th May, 2017

Work Allotment –                              26th May, 2017

Deadline for Submission –                 28th May, 2017

Result Announcement –                     30th May, 2017


Important Links

Website – www.libertatemmagazine.com

Application Page – www.libertatemmagazine.com/joinus

Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/libertatemmagazine

International Journal of Legal Insight (IJLI) (ISSN: 2456-3595)




Research Article for an Edited Volume


On the Theme




Published with ISBN by

Radha Publications

Present Academic General & Text Books Publisher 4231/1, Daryaganj, Ansari Road,
New Delhi – 110002

Website: http://radhapublications.com



IJLI is a blind peer-reviewed quarterly publication which focuses on all aspects of Law and a multiple variety of disciplines ranging from Articles, Notes & Comments and Legislative Briefs on contemporary issues related to the fields of economics, social and legal sciences from Students, Research Scholars, Academicians and other Professionals to all other types and forms of academic writings.

IJLI takes pride to announce that we are the first online law journal in India which has been indexed in 13 internationally recognized indexing platforms which let your manuscripts to be indexed and accessed globally. We believe that authors deserve the best output for their hard-work and therefore they must gain the value of their publication that they deserve. IJLI has a high impact factor of 1.6

The Volume invites submissions in the form of research articles from Academicians, Judges, Advocates, Research Scholars, Students, Human Right Activists, NGOs and other Professionals to all other types and forms of academic writings. The Volume will be published with ISBN by Radha Publications, Present Academic General & Text Books Publisher 4231/1, Daryaganj, Ansari Road, New Delhi – 110002, Website: http://radhapublications.com.



Dr. Priyamvada Mishra is presently, an Assistant Professor at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA. Dr. Priyamvada did her B. A. (H) Political Science from Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi University, then she pursued her Masters in Political Science from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University. Further she moved on to pursue Bachelor of Education from Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College, Delhi University. She has also been awarded Ph.D. from Jamia Millia Islamia University. Her areas of interest primarily include International Relations, changing paradigm of Rights, Human Rights and Political Theories. She has also had the privilege of teaching in Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia, which introduced her to the evolutionary process of theories. She has published various articles on Global Commons, India’s Foreign Policy, applicability of theories of International relations in contemporary times.


Concept Note

Rights as a concept refers to a certain way of behaving, acting or a treatment, where the chief characteristics are being fairly determinate, are provided to individuals on individual or group basis, and are thus referred to as right-holders. It is a convenient system of behaviour both for the individual and the society, therefore in most of the cases these rights have acceptance both in and outside the society too. Rights can be understood under three criterion: they are liberty to do something (Freedom of Speech and Expression), at the same time it also talks of avoidance of injuries (Right to Information) and also receipt of services (like Right to Education), there is a strong relationship between democracy and the increasing ambit of rights, with the ever expanding individual and his/her claims. The volume aims to analyse the socio-legal perspectives of Rights w.r.t. feasibility, applicability vis-à-vis being guaranteed by the state. The themes so provided have been designed to cover the evolving concept of rights.


  1. Rights of Transgender: A Way Forward
  2. Marital Rape: The Victim behind Closed Doors
  3. Surrogacy: Varied Dilemmas
  4. Uniform Civil Code: One Nation, One Law
  5. Girl Child Rights: Challenges and Expositions
  6. Juvenile Justice in India: Status & Challenges
  7. Right to Education: A Distant Dream
  8. None of the Above (NOTA): A Voter’s Right to Reject
  9. Right to Information: Where do we Stand?
  10. Rights of Disabled: Myth or Reality?
  11. Domestic Violence: Cruelty within Four Walls
  12. Rights of Sex Workers: A Critical Issue

Note: The above themes are only illustrative and authors may select the related topics covered under them.


Word Limit: The prescribed word limit is 3500 – 5000 words including footnotes. The submission must include an abstract of 200-300 words which should contain a minimum of three keywords arranged alphabetically.

  • The body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and in 1.5 line spacing.
  • The text should be justified and a margin of 2.54 centimetres shall be left on all sides of the paper.
  • The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 10 and in single line spacing. End notes are not to be used.
  • The Harvard Bluebook, 19th edition is the style which is to be strictly adhered to for citations.
  • Submissions must be made in the MS Word (.doc/.docx) format.
  • Co-authorship is permissible up to a maximum of two authors and two separate books shall be issued.
  • The subject of the e-mail should be “Rights: A Socio-Legal Perspective”
  • The submission shall also contain a separate Cover Letter as an attachment enumerating the following details:
  • Title of the Research Article.
  • Name of the Author(s).
  • Name of the Institution.
  • E-mail Address.
  • Postal Address.
  • Contact Number.
  • Submissions must be made via e-mail to Editor-in-Chief of IJLI at support@ijli.in
  • The submissions will undergo a blind peer-review process, therefore the author(s) shall not disclose their identities anywhere in the body of the manuscript.
  • All research articles submitted will be checked for plagiarism. The author(s) are strictly expected to acknowledge the references made use of.
  • The research article must be an original and unpublished work. The author(s) must also confirm that the manuscript is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • Author(s) must strictly adhere to guidelines, failing which their submissions may not be considered.


  • Last date for research article submission: 15 June, 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: Within 7 days from the date of Submission
  • Publication of the Volume: 30 June, 2017
  • Dispatch of Volume: 10 July, 2017


The author(s) are kindly expected to submit a scanned copy of the Copyright Agreement Form, Processing and Publication Fee, once the manuscript is accepted for publication. Payment methods would be notified via e-mail to the author(s).

Single Authored Research Article – INR 2000 (One Copy of the Published Volume)

Co-Authored Research Article – INR 3000 (Two Copies of the Published Volume)

The fee includes 1 copy of the published volume for Single Authored Research Article and 2 copies of the published volume for Co-Authored Research Article to the author(s) through speed post/courier.


For any further queries feel free to:

  • E-mail us at: support@ijli.in
  • Or Contact us at:
  • Aman Aditya – (+91) 9958907715 / 9643226762





Journal of Legal Studies and Research [JLSR] is delighted to announce a call for papers for its Volume 3 Issue 3 Intellectual Property Rights Law Review which will focus on contemporary issues of law in the field of Intellectual Property Law.



  1. Articles
  2. Research Work/ Academic Projects
  3. Case Comments/ Case Analysis
  4. Case Review
  5. Book Review
  6. Translations
  7. Essay
  8. Short Notes
  9. Critiques



  • Authors should not mention their name or any kind of identification mark in the manuscript. Any manuscript found to have any details of authors shall be rejected upfrontly.
  • Article shall be of 2500-10000 words, book reviews: 1000-1500 words, short comment: 1000-1500 words.
  • All submissions have to be made in MS Word format with Font size 12 and 1.5 line space.
  • Co-authorship is allowed to a maximum of 3 Authors. 3 separate certificates will be provided to each author.
  • The piece should not be overly technical, but practical and engaging.
  • Papers must be written solely by the candidate, in English, and may not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • All the claims of the authors, in the body of the manuscript, are expected to be backed by reasons along with proper citations [any uniform citation will do] and shall not be merely an assertion.
  • Submission should also mandatorily include the author’s view, in the conclusion, taking into considerations the aspects/contentions discussed throughout the manuscript.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and shall lead to immediate rejection.


  • The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM Indian Standard Time on 25th of May, 2017.
  • Authors should send their papers using the “Submit Article” link on the website i.e. jlsr.thelawbrigade.com
  • For any queries, contact us using the link on the website.


  • It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that all references and citations are correct, and the submissions do not contain any material that infringes copyright or is defamatory, obscene or otherwise unlawful or litigious.
  • The copyright of the manuscript will vest with The Law Brigade Group. Due accreditation will be given to the authors.
  • For the purpose of anonymity, the author/s shall not disclose their identities anywhere in the body of the manuscript.
  • The submissions will undergo a double blind peer-review process.
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right for modification of the manuscript to maintain the standard and quality of the submission. The board will notify its decision and other relevant information through email.


The author/s are expected to deposit publication fee, once the research paper is accepted for publication. The mode of payment will be intimated to the author/s via email.

Single Author Rs. 1200 [30 USD for International author]
Co-Authorship for 2 Authors Rs. 1600 [40 USD for International author]
Co-Authorship for 3 Authors Rs. 2100 [51 USD for International author]



Submission Deadline: 25th May, 2017

Intimation of Acceptance: 30th May, 2017

Date of Publication of Volume 3 Issue 3: 5th June, 2017



Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies, Odisha

Application Form for Advertisement FR/1/2017/NCDS Date of Advertisement: 01/May/2017
Last Date: 29/May/2017, 5.00 pm (India time)



NCDS invites applications for Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors in different disciplines/specializations.Application Form for Advertisement FR/1/2017/NCDS.
Dear Author,

We invite you to submit your manuscript(s) to education@resjournals.comfor publication.

Our objective is to inform authors of the decision on their manuscript(s) within four weeks of submission. Following acceptance, a paper will normally be published in the next issue.

Guide to Authors and other details are available on our website;

Education Research Journal is an Open Access Journal

Best regards,

Dr. Georgia Andreou
Asst. Editor,
Education Research Journal

International Research Journals
URL: http://resjournals.com/journals/educational-research-journal.html
ISSN: 2026-6332

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