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  • Inviting applications for ICPR Workshop on “Manikana”, a Commentary Text on “Tattvacintāmani” of Gangeśopādhyāya; Date of the Event: 4th to 10th Oct., 2017 at Academic Centre Lucknow. Last Date of receiving Application is 31st August 2017.

    For Online Application Click on the Link:https://goo.gl/forms/tINeLpKef8vhwekK2

    For Details click on the link: ICPR Workshop on Manikana



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Dear Distinguished Recipients,
It is my privilege to bring to your notice that Centre for Advanced Research in Dispute Settlement (CARDS) which runs under the auspices of D.S. National Law University, Vizag, India, is conducting the second edition of “Arbitration Weekends” scheduled from 22nd -24th September, 2017 in collaboration with Shardul Amarchand & Mangaldas, ​Economic Law Practices and supported by Mumbai Centre for International Arbitration (MCIA). This event comprises of Call for Papers, Workshop & Seminar. 


​The three-day event is tentatively scheduled as below;

22nd September– Basics of Arbitration, Workshop on Drafting of Arbitration Clause and Lectures,

23rd September– Seminar on ‘Time & Costs in Arbitration’,

24th September– Paper Presentation & Lectures on Contemporary Issues in Arbitration.


The papers selected for presentation will be automatically published in a conference book.
The list of confirmed speakers are as follows;

  1. Ms. Olga Boltenko, Counsel at CMS HongKong
    2. Mr. Hiroo Advani, Partner, Adavni & Co
    3. Mr. Naresh Thacker, Partner at ELP
    4. Mr. Rishab Gupta, Counsel at SAM
    5. Mr. Prabhash Ranjan, Professor at SAU
    6. Mr. Pramod Nair, Aarista Chambers
    7. Ms. Neeti Sachdeva, MCIA
    8. Mr. Madhur Baya, Founder Lex Arbitri
    9. Mr. Shivam Singh, Chambers20A

10. Ms. Sonali Mathur, Partner at AZB Partners

To Register: Click Here

Certificates shall be provided to the participants. Limited entry for students.

For more details, kindly find the attachment. In case of queries, kindly contact the under signed.





Founder of CARDS

Final  Year, B.A., LL.B. (Hons.),

D.S. National Law University (DSNLU),
A.P., India.

Contact: +91-9030782212

Web: www.Narmdeshwar.wordpress.com

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Seven Day ICPR Workshop on

Studies in Consciousness in the Light of
Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy

(With special Emphasis on the Upanishads)

19th – 25th July 2017

Sponsored By

Indian Council for Philosophical Research, New Delhi

Organised by

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research, Puducherry

Theme Note

“Consciousness” is one of the most interesting terms ever discussed in the field of philosophy and psychology. As it is interesting so is it equally evasive. Centuries of studies in this direction still does not seem to give any definition to consciousness. In common parlance, consciousness is understood as being conscious or being aware of one’s surroundings or what is within oneself. From its Latin origin the term conscious means “to know”. There are a few pertinent questions that may be asked with regard to the study of consciousness both in philosophical and psychological studies. “To know” what? Who is the knower? Who or what is known? What is the process of knowing? These questions are relevant for they have been bothering humanity since time immemorial. The quest for knowing the reasons of one’s birth and the process of creation have occupied the minds of the greatest of our rishis since ages. These quests and the process of finding answers to them have taken the form of the Vedas, the Upanishads, shad-darshana, Bhagavad Gita and in contemporary times The Life Divine and other recent noteworthy studies in different fields of science and arts.

The ancient wisdom concludes that consciousness is not only awareness of the mind. It exists in all things animate and inanimate for it is the cause of all. The modern definitions of consciousness are slowly heading towards discovering the inherent nature of consciousness by defining this power as energy or vibration. Whether natural or human sciences all are compelled, as if, to conclude that consciousness exists in everything and is present everywhere. Therefore, studies in consciousness have been extended to medicine, education, management, sociology, anthropology and other disciplines. Consciousness has come out of the restriction of philosophy and

psychology and made its place in various fields of knowledge.

It is to view this need of the growing study of consciousness that this seven-day workshop is being organized. It will bring in the perspectives of consciousness from the disciplines of Philosophy, Psychology, Literature etc. Its aim is to bring clarity about the Vedantic concept of consciousness and its applicability to the world today as given to us in The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo.

Note for participants:

  1. No remuneration would be given to the participants.
  2. All travel bills to be submitted to SACAR Coordinator for reimbursement which will be given on the last day of the workshop.
  3. Participants are expected to reach the Venue by 18th July 2017, evening. Workshop commences 19th July, 10 am sharp. Finishes on 25th July 5.30 pm Participants may have breakfast and leave on 26th morning.
  4. It is mandatory for all the participants to attend the entire workshop for all the seven days to claim any reimbursement or the Certificate of Participation.
  5. Participants will be chosen on ‘First come First served’ basis. And the selected participants would be confirmed by our office and only then should the participants book his/her travel tickets.
  6. Eligibility: Research Scholars, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors and Academicians.
  7. TA for participants to be given for the AC III for the shortest train route.
  8. Lodging and Boarding facilities for the participants would be made at SACAR campus.

Proposed Sub-Themes:

 The Problem of Consciousness
 Consciousness and the Inconscient
 Consciousness Studies in Literature
 Dimensions of Consciousness in Advaita

 Levels of Consciousness in the Integral

 Phenomenology: The Indian Perspective
 Consciousness and Immortality – the focus of

the Upanishads
 Vedantic Psychology in Kena Upanishad
 A Conscious Transformation of Nature:
 Consciousness: the Materialist’s Perspective
 The Ascending scale of Consciousness: A

Vision of The Life Divine
 Management by Consciousness


 Prof. Sreekala Nair ( Member ICPR, Dean, faculty of Social sciences & Head, Dept. of Philosophy, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala)

 Prof. Sangeetha Menon (Professor & Head, Consciousness Studies Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

 Prof. S. Murali (Retd. Prof. Department of English, Pondicherry Unviersity)

 Prof. Narendra Joshi (Principal, Agnel Technical College, Bandra(W), Mumbai)

 Dr. Ananda Reddy, (Director, SACAR, Puducherry)

About SACAR:

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR) started in Pondicherry in 1998, is a non- governmental, educational research Institute. It has for its objective an in-depth study of and research into the thought and vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and relate it to the present and the future of India in particular and the world in general. The guiding principle of all our activities is the synthesizing movement to unite in a practical and progressive way the highest spiritual realisations with the development and perfection of the outer life — two fields that have been historically the special domain of Eastern and Western nations, respectively.

Activities at SACAR:

  •   Online courses on Sri Aurobindo’s major works
  •   “Living Within” Study camps
  •   Intensive and Extensive Research for one/three

    months in

    Sri Aurobindo’s major works

  •   M.A, PhD. Courses in Collaboration with Hindu

    University of America, Florida.

  •   Workshops and Seminars in Integral


  •   Publications: Books and Journal
  •   Research in Management Studies
  •   Teacher Training Programme
  •   Research Project: Mankind on the March


Dr. Ananda Reddy: 9443019172


Dr. Shruti Bidwaikar: 9994190403

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Sampananda Misra Prof. Kisholoy Gupta Mrs. Deepshikha Reddy Dr. Falguni Jani Ms. Oeendrila Guha


Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research, (SACAR)
39, Vanniar Street, Vaithikuppam Puducherry, 605012 http://www.sacar.in

Email: sacaricpr@gmail.com

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Two Workshop at IPI

Dear All,

SAFIC has announced two workshops in June.

The first one is from 14-17 June on the root-sounds of Sanskrit
and the second one is from 23-25 June on conscious Maternity and parenting.

Please visit the following links for details.
You may forward it to others who you feel will be interested in participating in the workshops.

Link for the workshop on Root-sounds in Sanskrit:

Link for the workshop on conscious Maternity and Parenting:


Sampadananda Mishra
M :91-9952888350
Website : http://aurosociety.org

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Are you a Law Student or Professional looking forward to enhance your Legal Drafting & Research Skills. Take this ‘One Day National Workshop on Basic Legal Drafting & Research’ organised by Legal Desire and Master yourself in Legal Research, Drafting, Memorial Making, Contract Drafting, Legal Articles and More…


This workshop aims to help law students & professionals with LEGAL DRAFTING & RESEARCH skills. The workshop will not only incorporate the top notch heads of document drafting in the legal field but will also take in account each and every minor aspect of the same. This workshop is intended for ones wishing to improve their ability to write sharp, clear prose, to edit their own and others’ writing, and to become more proficient and efficient at composing and organizing written documents.

The ultimate goal of the workshop is to get you ready to undertake the writing tasks demanded of lawyers.  Specifically, the workshop will help you hone the following skills:

Date: 28th May, 2017 (Sunday)

Venue: India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi

Workshop Schedule:

Session 1: Legal Drafting by Adv. Ashok Chaitanya

  • Introduction to Legal Drafting & Key Concepts necessary for Drafting
  • Drafting of Complaint
  • Drafting of Plaint
  • Drafting of Written Statement
  • Drafting of Writ Petitions

Session 2: Memorial Making by Adv. Ashima Ohri

  • Drafting and Marshaling of Facts
  • Classification of Case Laws according to the Facts
  • Framing up of Issues and Arguments
  • Detailing the Contentions
  • Drafting of a Memorial on the Given Case

Session 3: Legal Research by Adv. Sruthi Srinivasan

  • Study on the Blue Book Method of Citation
  • Framing of the Legal Article or Research paper (Framing up of the Executive Summary, Methodology, Research Hypothesis, Recommendation, Implementation Strategy )
  • Writing of a Research Paper

About the Trainers:

Advocate Ashok Chaitanya: Born on 07.8.1973. Joined Indian Air Force on 14.12.1990 and retired pre-mature from IAF on 28.02.2006, did LL.B. from Delhi University. Enrolled as an Advocate with Bar Council of Delhi on 03.03.2006. Appearing before all the Courts in Delhi NCR right from Supreme Court to other subordinate courts and Tribunals/ Commissions.  Appointed as Senior Central Government Panel Counsel at Armed Forces Tribunal (Principal Bench) on 09 Dec 2015. He is associated with several social organisation and has been working for many social issues. He has been an RTI crusader.

Advocate Ashima Ohri: Legal Writer, Editor & Researcher for Newgen Knowledgeworks Pvt. Ltd. Formerly for 1.5years worked as an Associate with Senior Adv. A.K. Singh at Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India. She has handled arbitration matters both domestic and international. Additionally, Corporate Litigation, Domain-Name Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Rights and Corporate Advisory have also been her strong suits. She also provide Pro Bono Legal Advise on AFT matters.

Advocate Sruthi Srinivasan: She is a lawyer qualified in USA and India. Her areas of practice are Ecommerce, Technology, Contracts and Commercial laws.

Sruthi holds a bachelor’s in law from ILS Law College, Pune and a master’s in commerce and technology law(LLM-CT) from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, formerly Franklin Pierce Center of Intellectual Property, USA. She began her career as an inhouse legal counsel with Reliance Industries Limited (Mumbai), before heading to USA on a merit scholarship. During her stay in US, she worked as an Intellectual Property Clinician after being accorded with the limited license to practice by the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO). Sruthi is enrolled with the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa.

Salient Features:

  • Study Material
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Q&A Support
  • Sample Legal Docs and Formats

Certificate of Accomplishment: The delegates will be provided Certificate of Accomplishment.

Registration Fees: 

For Students: Rs.1000/-

For Professionals: Rs.1500/-

(Fees includes access to all the session, lunch, registration kit and certificate)

Registration Procedure: 

Click Here to Register Online or visit: www.legaldesire.com/legalworkshop

Alternatively you can Make payment to Paytm No: 9639010553 and send Name, Contact No, Postal Address and Payment details to legaldesireoffice@gmail.com

After Successful Registration, You will be provided passes to attend the workshop.

Accommodation: Those who require accommodation have choice to book any hotel by their own. Those facing in difficulty in booking accommodation can contact the convenors for providing accommodation at Rs.1200/day (twin sharing) & Rs.1800/- (Single Occupancy)


Ankit Gupta: 879166668                                                         Shreya Gupta: 7042861776

Pulkit Advani: 8130791040                                                     Gunjan Bhagchandani: 9839574652

Or Feel free to email: legaldesireoffice@gmail.com

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Centre for Phenomenological Studies plans to organize the Summer Workshop-Seminar on the theme, “Making Sense of Heidegger” in Calicut (Kozhikodu), Kerala from 23 to 25 June 2017. Faculty members and research scholars who are actively pursuing research in the broad area of phenomenology and existentialism are encouraged to participate in the workshop.

The principal themes of the workshop-seminar are (1) Intersubjectivity and the four-fold in Heidegger, (2)Heidegger and the Religious Phenomenon, (3) Technological and the Ecological Concerns in Heidegger, (4)Heidegger and the Political, and (5)Issues arising from Division III of Being and Time.

Requirements to participate

All scholars wishing to participate in the workshop-seminar will be required to present a 3-page paper on any one of the 5 themes stated above. Although we will be happy if you kindly prepare your paper on any one of the above 5 themes,you will definitely get a opportunity to present your paper even if it is on some other aspects of phenomenology/existentialism. However, in the absence of a paper, participation in the workshop-seminar will be difficult. I believe that the 3-page paper that you present in the seminar-workshop will be the abstract of a full paper which you need to write if your 3-page abstract is selected for publication.Your 3-page abstract paper must be typed double space and mailed to the e-mail id given below on or before 10th June 2017 positively.

The participants will have to meet their travel expenses and will have to pay a sum of Rs. 2000/-to the Centre for Phenomenological Studies to meet expenses on board and lodge (i.e.food and coffee/tea 3-times a day) and shared accommodation in double or triple bed rooms. Those who do not need accommodation need to pay only Rs.800/-.All participants will be given xerox copies of the seminar abstract papers and other study materials, if any.

The Venue of the Workshop

The Venue of the workshop will be Socio-religious Centre, Calicut, Kerala. For more information on the venue, please visit: http://www.srckerala.com

Dates of the Workshop

Friday 23 June (9.30 a.m.) to Sunday 25 June (1.00 p.m.)

Contact Persons:

Dr E.P. Mathew (Head, Dept. of Philosophy, Loyola College, Chennai)
Email: mathewelanji@gmail.com / Mobile: 9003175627
Thanking you and with warm regards,
Yours sincerely,

V. C. Thomas
(Centre for Phenomenological Studies)
(formerly Professor of Philosophy and Dean,
School of Humanities, Pondicherry University)

Please circulate this among your friends and kindly post it on the notice board for information of all.

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