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DKML 6 invitation

Sixth Daya krishana Memorial Lecture
Love, Law and Language: Continuing to think with Daya-ji
to be delivered by
Professor Jay L Garfield
Abstract of the lecture
In one of the last essays that he brought to completion, Eros, Nomos,
and Logos, Daya-ji revisits many of the themes that animate his
philosophical thought, drawing them together iAn a stunning
philosophical farewell. He focuses on what he calls time and again
“the prison-house of I-centricity,” and the need for escape; on the
tension between apparent human freedom and the determinism we imbibe
with the scientific image; on the nature of creativity and our
essentially social nature, but also on the consequences of human
embodiment and the role of the puruṣārthas in human life.

I often find myself returning to this beautiful essay in part because
it draws so many of these themes together, but also because it
reflects both Daya-ji’s greatest insights and some of the obstacles to
bringing those insights to complete fruition in his philosophical
project. As always when I read Daya-ji, I imagine his voice behind the
words, and then the argument that would ensue over drinks, and the joy
in philosophical discourse.  Today, I would like to respond to this
essay, engaging in just that dialogue with the Daya I remember and
imagine before me.



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Invitation for Participation

Speaker: Prof. Nirmalangshu Mukherji

Date: 31st March Friday

Time: 11 AM

Place: Lecture Hall 2,

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar,

Rupnagar, Punjab.

All interested are welcome!

Title of the talk: Human Reality

Abstract: Our knowledge of the external world is central to our lives as rational agents as we engage with the world in every step we take. How can there be an external world if the knowledge we have of it is determined by how we are designed as epistemic agents? The problem affects the advanced sciences the most due to the referential norm: science aims to discover basic joints of nature. If the world itself is a construction of science, what is there to discover? However, there is also the striking fact that the human mind can find mathematical forms all over nature. These joints suggest a strong notion of reality grasped by humans. The scientific mode of inquiry is not available in common life. Does that mean that our lives are mostly lived in phenomenal fiction? In the Tagore-Einstein conversation, Tagore makes the obvious point that physics itself is a human enterprise as with any other human creation such as music, poetry, painting and sculpture. A range of Tagore’s poetry is analyzed at this point to show that one way to grasp the world is simply to live in the world in terms of the rich experiences furnished thereof. But then such a conception of the world is grounded in a very different form of inquiry.

About the speaker: NirmalangshuMukherji was a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Delhi where he taught for nearly two decades. Currently, he is the national visiting professor of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research. Originally focusing on the philosophy of science, he was drawn to the fields of epistemology, classical philosophy of language and, subsequently, cognitive science. His interests now lie with biolinguistics, the nature of a musical organization, and the general properties of the human mind. He has pursued this research through a number of publications, culminating in his book, The Primacy of Grammar (MIT Press, 2010). His other publications in this area include Cartesian Mind: Reflections on Language and Music (Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2000) and a co-edited volume with Noam Chomsky, The Architecture of Language(OUP, 2000). Currently, he is working on two books: Reflections on Human Inquiry (Forthcoming); Merge and Mind (In Prep.)

For information on how to reach Ropar and contact information of HSS at IIT Ropar, visit: iitrpr.ac.in/humanities facebook.com/hssiitropar

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Fourth Daya Krishna Memorial Lecture on Justice, Punishment and Conscience

2nd October, 2015

Download details below:


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ICPR Periodic Lecture Programme 2015 – Applications are invited by 31-07-2015.


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Dear Sir/Madam ,

            Dr.Moonje Institute of Management and Computer Studies(DMI) is organizing Speech on “Budget 2015” on 4th March,2015 at 5 pm at Auditorium ,DMI .You are cordially invited along  with your friends and colleagues.The details are as follows:

Speaker : Mr.Chandrashekhar Tilak ,Executive Vice-President,NSDL,e-Governance Infrastructure Limited ,Mumbai

Date & Time : Wednesday,4th March 2015

Venue    : Auditorium ,DMI

This Program is Sponsored by Bon
anza Portfolio Ltd.

Thanks & Regards

Director ,DMI


Dr. Moonje Institute, Nashik

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DKML- Invitation Bilimoria

DKML- Invitation Bilimoria

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