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  • ICPR sponsored National Conference on“Strengthening Values & Ethics for Sustainable Growth: Role of Indian Philosophical Traditions” to be held at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon from September 22-23, 2016.
  • Conference Tracks and Suggested Themes

    Values and Ethics and their roots in Indian Philosophical Traditions

    • Values and Ethics: Conceptual Framework from Different Perspectives
    • Philosophical thoughts from different religious traditions
    • Role of Indian Values and Ethos in Sustainable Business Environment
    • Role of Indian Traditions and Values in Green Management
    • Stakeholder Approach to Management
    • CSR and Indian Traditions
    • Case Studies converging with the conference theme

    Business Ethics in People Management

    • Values Ethical Issues in Recruitment & Selection
    • Ethical issues in Performance Appraisal
    • Ethics in Employee Growth & Development
    • Gender Diversity & Gender equity

    Spirituality at the Workplace

    • Role of Spirituality in promoting Ethical Business
    • Incorporating Religious/ Faith based Values in Business
    • Integrating Business Ethics through Spiritual Leadership
    • Spiritual Values for Preventing Unethical Practices

    Work life Balance & Well-being

    • Spirituality & Individual Well-being
    • Organisational Practices for Employee Well-being
    • Employee Assistance Programmes
    • Creating a ‘Happy’ Organisation

    Ethics in Business Management

    • Preventing Financial and Accounting Frauds
    • Overcoming Creative Accounting
    • New Financial Models based on Indian Philosophical Traditions
    • Financial Inclusion: Challenges & Opportunities
    • Models for Financial Inclusion
    • Ethics in Marketing & Distribution
    • Customer Relationship Management practices
    • Ethical Issues in Production and Operations Management
    • Ethical issues in Supply Chain Management
    • Ethical Issues in Information Technology

    Paper Submission Guidelines

    The manuscript should be prepared in the following format:

    • Title of the Paper, Name, Position, Affiliation, Contact no. and Email address.
    • Abstract of not more than 250 words with 3-4 key-words at the end of the abstract.
    • The final paper word limit is 6000-7000 words, along with the abstract.
    • Abstract should be in font size 12. (Times New Roman, 1.5 Line Spacing)
    • Abstract should be in font size 12. (Times New Roman, 1.5 Line Spacing)
    • Name of the author should be in font size 12 and affiliation in font size 11.
    • Name of the author should be in font size 12 and affiliation in font size 11.
    • Paper should be submitted only in MS-Word format only.
    • All the tables and diagrams should be appropriately numbered & provided at the end of paper.
    • All references should follow APA Style (6th Edition) – www.apastyle.org
    • Important Dates

      • Last Date for Abstract Submission: July 10, 2016
      • Notification of Acceptance of the Abstract: July 20,2016
      • Last Date for Submission of Selected Papers: August 25, 2016
      • Last Date for Conference Registration: July 30, 2016
      • Conference Dates: September 22-23, 2016

      At least one of the authors needs to attend the conference and present the paper. However, conference certificates will be provided to only those candidates who will present the papers


      Conference Chairs

      Prof. Priyanka Vallabh & Prof. Radha R. Sharma,
      Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon,
      Contact Number: 0124-4560000

      Student Coordinator

      Ratan Pandit,
      FPM Scholar,
      Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon,
      Contact Number: +91-9990831420

      Conference Email id – conficprmdi@mdi.ac.in, conferencevalueethics@gmail.com

       For more details, visit conference site:

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Dear Sir/Madam,

This is with reference to the Twelfth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship to be held at EDII, Ahmedabad during February 22-24, 2017.  It is a gentle reminder to you that the deadlines for the submission of abstract and full paper are approaching.  We look forward to your contribution and participation in the Twelfth Biennial Conference.  The Conference Brochure is attached for your information.  Also we request you to circulate it among your colleagues and research scholars in your institute/university.

Kindly ignore this email, if you have already submitted the abstract/full paper.

Download details:

Twelfth Biennial Conference Brochure


Conference Coordinator

Ganapathi Batthini

Conference Coordinator, Twelfth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship;

Librarian, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
Via Indira Bridge and Gandhinagar Highway
PO Bhat 382 428

Gandhinagar Dist., Gujarat, India
Tel: 079 23969163 / 23969159
Fax: 079 23969164
Mobile: 9327 045 345
Website: www.ediindia.org / www.ediindia.ac.in

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International Conference on English Studies, Arts, Education and Women Empowerment 2016
19th to 20th August 2016
Pondicherry, India

Papers in the fields of English Language, Literature, Translation, Arts, Humanities, Education and Women Studies are invited for presentation at the Conference. Abstracts will be Printed in ISBN Proceedings and Full papers accepted for publication in peer reviewed International Research Journals.

Enquiries: esaewe2016@gmail.com
Web address: http://esaewe2016.wix.com/conference
Sponsored by: ESAEWE

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Philosophical Praxis, Counselling and Spiritual Healing Society, Jaipur

5th. National Conference On LIFE AND SUFFERING

11 – 12 February, 2017

Major Issues

Life is a continuous pursuit of Happiness. The history of development of mankind reveals that the underlying essential motive behind almost all human advancements in Science and Technology; Socio-economic and Political spheres; Religious, Philosophical and Moral ideas and ideals; or any other aspect, has been to overcome suffering and attainment of happiness. This endeavour to attain happiness and/or overcome suffering is incessant and persistent. Life, thus, has never been free of suffering. This suffering assumes various dimensions or modes such as Pain, Misery, Evil; Affliction Anguish, Alienation; Conflict, Struggle, Frustration; Deprivation, Dishonour, Dehumanization; etc. How to better understand the concept of suffering as imbedded in life and how to develop a convincing response or approach to this suffering, thus, emerges as the quintessential question concerning each and every individual.

This conference is a platform to discuss and delve upon issues related to life and suffering. Interested persons from any discipline/profession/area of interest are welcome to participate by contributing an original paper on any of the following sub-topics:

1 Meaning of Suffering 2 Everyday life and concerns 3 Nature and modes of suffering 4 Overcoming suffering 5 Suffering, Will and Desire 6 Suffering and Action 7 Suffering, Evil and Justice 8 Suffering and Duty 9 Suffering, Peace and Happiness 10 Suffering and Attitude 11 Approaches to suffering

The above listed sub-topics are only indicative and not exhaustive. Participants are free to present views on any aspect they consider associated with the general theme. Dr. Deepak Srivastava Organising Secretary Contact: ‘Darshan’, 92/81, Patel Marg, Mansarovar, Jaipur, (Raj.) PIN 302020 (m) 919414203013 Whatsapp 7665203015 The Abstract and the Full Paper may kindly be e-mailed to deepvastava@rediffmail.com For more information visit our website http://www.philosophicalcounsellingindia.org

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24-26 November 2016




1. Increasing Awareness: ESD 2. Placing ESD in the Curriculum 3. Educational Reform & Economic Viability: ESD 4. National Education Campaign: ESD 5. Developing ESD programme with Community Participation 6. Engaging Traditional Discipline in a Trans disciplinary Frame Work 7. Sharing the responsibility: Ministry/Department/NGO’s 8. Building Human Capacity 9. Developing Inservice programme Modules 10. Developing financial funding & material resources 11. Developing Policies 12. Developing creative, Innovative Skills 13. Promoting Sustainability in Popular Culture 14. Adopting 3 R methods to promote SD 15. Promoting research in improving environment quality 16. Assistive Technology for reducing threats related to Environment 17. Collaborative and cooperative approach among various agencies 18. Qualitative & Quantitative Improvement in Life 19. Appropriate management of resources 20. Judicial Use of non-renewable resources 21. Developing competent skills among teacher educators 22.Evaluation & Monitoring Environment 23. Sustained Agriculture & Rural Development 24. Sustained Development in Industry 25. Sustained Energy Development 26. Sustained forestry development 27. Protecting the Bio Diversity of the Earth 28. Change in Human Attitude & deeds

Covering one or more of following stages of education: Higher Education, Pre-school Education, School Education, Professional Education – Computer Education, Engineering Education, Management Education, Medical Education, Nursing Education, Pharmacology Education, Teacher Education, Technical Education.


Last Date for Receiving Abstracts: 30 September, 2016

Abstract to be sent by E-mail to


Abstract should be prepared within 250 words, under four headings:

Aims/ Purpose

Methodology of Study


Relevance/ Originality/ Value

Last date for Notification of Abstracts by E-mail: 15 October 2016.


Three copies of the Paper, along with filled in Registration Form are to be sent by Registered Post to Dr. Vivek Kohli, Organising Secretary of the Conference, with a declaration that the paper has been cleared through Plagiarism Check.

A copy of the paper should also be sent by E-mail to


Last Date for submission of Papers: October 31, 2016.

Each paper is expected to be prepared as per the Guidelines for References and In-text citations specified for the Manuscripts for Journal of All India Association for Educational Research available at http://www.aiaer.net.

Before sending paper, delegates are advised to get the paper subjected to Plagiarism Check.

Date, time and room of paper presentation shall be notified by 10 November 2016 and shall also be made available in the web site of AIAER



There is no Delegate Fee for Paper presenters, whose abstracts have been approved for presentation.

The Delegate has to arrange his/ her own accommodation. Hotels/Dharamshala are available in and around the college in Ambala City. List of nearby accommodations can be provided on request.

Lunch can be arranged on payment of Rs. 400/- for three days, provided the amount is received by November 18, 2016 through bank draft payable to The Principal, Sohan Lal DAV College of Education, Ambala City


Sohan Lal DAV College of Education (Post Graduate Institution), Ambala City, Haryana is at a distance of 8 Km from Ambala Cantt Railway station.


The papers presented in the conference shall be brought out in a book form having ISBN and shall be made available on payment basis.


AIAER Awards are available for Best Paper Presenters from among two categories:

(a) School Teachers, and

(b) Researchers under 40 Years of Age


During this Conference, there shall be sessions for Special Interest Groups.


Dr. Vivek Kohli, Principal, Sohan Lal DAV College of

Education, Ambala City- 134 002 Haryana

Tel: 09896565517(Mobile)

E-mail: sldaveducation@gmail.com


General Secretary, All India Association for Educational Research
N1/55 IRC VIllage
Bhubaneswar – 751 015

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Dear Sir/Madam,


The Third International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Data Mining (ICCIDM-2016), will be organized by School of Computer Engineering, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology University (KIIT), Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, during 10-11 December,2016. This conference aims to explore the current trends in the modern era of the engineering by inviting the pioneer researchers, scientists, industrialists, academicians and the students to exchange and share their theories, methodologies, experiences, true impressions of research, innovative thoughts of design and implementation, along with the applications in all areas of all engineering disciplines.

For Details please visit http://www.iccidm.in


Original High-quality papers in all the following topic of interest (but are not limited) are solicited. The papers exploring new directions will receive especially careful and supportive reviews. .

Track-1: Advance Computational Intelligence Techniques:

Pattern Analysis and Mining, Graphical Models, Spatial & Temporal Mining, Abnormality & Outlier Detection, Selection and Dimension Reduction, Mining with Constraints, Data Cleaning & Preprocessing, Computational Learning Theory, Novel Data Mining Algorithms, Big Data, Mining with Data Clouds, Mining Semi-Structured Data, Mining Complex Datasets, Mining on Emerging Architectures, Text & Web Mining, Optimization Methods, Time Series and Sequential Pattern Mining, Visual data mining, Statistical foundations for robust and scalable data mining, Distributed data mining, Mining multi-agent data, Association rules, Audio Mining, Case-based reasoning and learning, Inductive learning including decision tree and rule induction learning, Statistical learning, Bayesian Models and Methods..

Track-2: Computation with Modeling:

Soft Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Agent Based Systems, Green Computing, Pattern Recognition, Bioinformatics & Scientific Computing, Embedded Computing, Pervasive Computing, Cluster Computing , Digital Image Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Fuzzy Computing, Approximate Algorithms, Bioinspired Optimization, Web Mining, Perceptual Computing, Image Segmentation, Memetic Computing, Computer Vision & Image Processing, Emotional Computing, Rough Sets Theory, Autonomous Computing, High performance implementations of data mining algorithms, Soft computing (including neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation) and Uncertainty management for data mining, Soft Computing approaches for software Engineering (Software cost estimation/Time estimation/Project Scheduling)..

Track-3: Nature Inspired Computation and Neural Networks :

Brain Machine Interface, Surface Computing, Evolutionary Algorithms, Graph theory Applications, Statistical computing, Soft computing, Swarm Intelligence, Artificial Immune System, Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Networks, Extreme Learning Machines, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Pattern Recognition and Classification, Uncertainty Analysis, Content-Based Image Retrieval, High performance and Parallel/distributed data mining, Advance Optimization techniques..

Track-4: Advance Engineering Applications with Management :

Knowledge Management & Discovery, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Science, Internet Computing, Cybernetics Technology, Nanotechnology, Climate/Environmental Science, Risk & Supply Chain Management, Drug Discovery, Healthcare Management, Automation & Process Control, Logistics Management, Computational finance, Intrusion & Fraud detection, Bio-surveillance, Sensor Network Applications, Social Network Analysis, Intelligence Analysis, Body Area Network, Remote Sensing & GIS Application, Steganography & Authentication, Data Privacy Preserving Techniques, Data / Image Compression; Digital Image Processing; Image / Video Coding and Transmission; Image Enhancement, Formation, Restoration; Multimedia Applications; Spatial Applications; Satellite Imagery analysis;Multispectral image analysis; Non-evasive quality control using imaging techniques; Medical image analysis; Image and Pattern analysis; Image Segmentation; Computational Biology and Bio-Informatics; Biomedical imaging and Sensing; Bio-Technology, Cyber-Physical Systems; Computational methods in NanoScience, Quantum Computing; Simulation and Modeling; Environment & Weather study and Forecasting; Management and Social Sciences; Commercial and Business applications, Disaster Management.

Track-5: Other Data Mining Applications:

Data Mining in Logistics, Medicine Data Mining, Military Data Mining, Security Data Mining, Immersive virtual reality, Explorative and visual data mining, Data mining in electronic commerce, Data Integration & Exchange, Image Processing and Segmentation, Robotics, Social impact of data mining Acoustic imaging; Audio video System; Biometrics; Computational applications in Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Naval, Marine, Civil engineering; Computational research in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural sciences, Minerals, Metals and Material Sciences, Statistical methods in data mining, OLAP and data mining, Integrating constraints and knowledge in the KDD process , Exploring data analysis, inference of causes, prediction, Evaluating, consolidating, and explaining discovered knowledge. .


Full Paper Submission Open 15th March 2016
Full Paper Submission Deadline 1st July 2016
Acceptance Notification 25th July 2016
Final Camera Ready Paper with Registration 25th July 2016 – 01st August 2016
Date of Conference 10th & 11th Dec 2016.


Further Queries:
Dr. Prachet Bhuyan
Organizing Chair, ICCIDM -2016

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An ICPR Sponsored National Conference
“Exploring the Meeting Ground of Moral, Medical and Legal Aspects of Social Dilemmas in Public Interface”
(An Inter-disciplinary/Multi-disciplinary Approach)
Organised by
Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, Delhi
21st – 23rd October 2016
Venue: Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, Delhi

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