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Prevention of Mass Violence and Promotion of Tolerance: Lessons from History

International Multidisciplinary Conference
Department of History, Presidency University, Kolkata, India
27-28 February 2017 It is a call for papers and posters from different academic disciplines to help us draw lessons from history as to how mass violence can be prevented and tolerance can be promoted. History testifies to the fact that mass violence is as old as human existence. Almost every episode of mass violence has been followed by efforts aimed at preventing its reoccurrence, yet we have miserably failed in achieving that. It is an invitation to explore why we failed and how lessons from history could help us succeed in this endeavour of ours. We are particularly interested in the subthemes mentioned below but open to anything whatsoever relevant to the broad theme of the conference. Subthemes 1. Absence of Genocide/Holocaust Studies in countries worst affected by mass violence 2. Role of Genocide/Holocaust Studies in the Prevention of Mass Violence 3. The Contested Field of the History of Genocide 4. The Demand for Apology and its Refusal 5. Resistance to Holocaust Studies 6. Hurdles and Obstacles in raising Holocaust Awareness in Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe 7. Genocide/Mass Violence as depicted in Cinema and Literature and its reception 8. Debate on the Prohibition of Hate Speech v/s Freedom of Speech 9. Comparison between societies with Holocaust education and those without it 10. Political Response to Genocide/Holocaust Studies 11. Failure to recognize the warning signs 12. Judicial Response to Mass Violence: Failure and Success 13. State’s Response to Mass Violence: Failure and Success 14. The Clash between Academia and State on the issue of Mass Violence 15. The Distortion of History for instigating Mass Violence 16. Selective Amnesia in Historical Studies of Genocide/Mass Violence 17. Sanitization of History 18. Coming to terms with the History of Genocide/Mass Violence 19. History of Interfaith and Cross-cultural understanding as deterrents for Mass Violence 20. Non-State Actors as Perpetrators and Preventers of Mass Violence 21. The Scholarly Debate on Nomenclature 22. The Centrality of the Holocaust 23. The Uniqueness and/or the Universality of the Holocaust 24. Holocaust as a point of reference 25. Absence of Holocaust Studies in South Asia 26. Conflicting Historical Narratives 27. History of Denial 28. Gender in Mass Violence/Genocide Registration Fee: Foreign Participants: US $100/- Indian Participants: Rs. 2000/- In lieu of the registration fee the participants will get lunch during the two days of the conference and a conference kit. Participants are expected to make their own arrangements for accommodation. Some of the confirmed participants of the conference are the following: Mehnaz M Afridi, Michael Barenbaum, Vian Dakhil, Charles Ehrlich, Reuven Firestone, Edward Mortimer, Dina Porat, David Rosen, Suzanne Rutland, Robert Satloff, and Sarva Daman Singh.

Key Dates: · Deadline for the Submission of Abstract as a Word file (300 words)/Poster (PDF) with a biographical profile (100 words): 15 December, 2016 · Date of the Notification of Acceptance: 22 December, 2016 ·

Deadline for the submission of complete paper (10,000 – 12,000 words): 15 February, 2017 It is planned to publish a collection of selected papers presented at the conference. Email for Paper/Poster Submission: Navras.His@PresiUniv.ac.in Contact: Dr Navras Jaat Aafreedi Assistant Professor Department of History Presidency University Kolkata, India




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National Conference

Global Peace & Psycho-Social Science

(GPPSC 2017)

On 20-21 January, 2017

Venue: Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmadabad India

Dear Madam/Sir,

Please accept our warm greetings. We feel immense pleasure in inviting you to the Global Peace & Psycho-Social Science Conference (GPPSC 2017) organized by GHA-–Global Harmony Network Centre (GHNC), India and Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmadabad in Association with National Association of Psychological Science (NAPS), INDIA & GHA Trust, Gurgaon, India on 20-21 January, 2017.

Main Aim of the Conference:

The primary aims of our ‘Global Peace & Psycho-Social Science Conference’ (GPSC 2017) is to present and explore innovative approaches and practices in Peace & harmonious education, Psycho-Social Science, Peace & human development research and professional practice. To explore peace education, psychological research and curriculum developments for teaching and learning peace building skills, emotional skills & peace leadership skills and to develop the model program applications in organizations, academic institutions and government organizations for a sustainable future.

Call for Papers

Scholars, faculty & organizational & management professionals intending to present papers at the Conference are requested to submit a soft copy of the Abstract (200 Words) to the Conference Secretariat.

1) Global Peace Sciences –conflicts, violence & Peace building in 21st century

2) Psycho-Social Science for Peace, Harmony & Development

3) Gandhian Peace, Philosophy & Development Studies

4) Harmony Education, Peace Education & Human Value Education and Global Ethics

5) Yoga & Meditation for Peace, Harmony including practical session.

One soft copy of the research paper in Microsoft Word will have to be submitted to the seminar Organizing Secretary by 15th December, 2016. The electronic version of the paper should be e-mailed to: E-mail: gppsc2017@gmail.com

Important Dates:

Last date for abstract Submission : 25th December, 2016
Notification of abstract acceptance : 30th December, 2016
Last date for submission of Full Paper : 5th January, 2016
Notification of acceptance of paper : 10th January, 2017
Last date for Registration : 15th January, 2017
Conference dates : 20-21 January, 2017

Category On or Before: 30/12/2016 After: 30/12/2016

Academicians and

Professionals Rs.2000/- Rs.2500/-

Students (Local) Rs.1200/- Rs.1500/-

Students (Outstation) Rs.1500/- Rs.2000/-

Foreign Delegates $100 $150

Accompanying Person Rs.1500/- Rs.2000/-


Registration fees include conference kit, certificate, working tea, lunch and dinner.
Students should show their ID proof with registration fees.
Bank Transaction Details:

Name of bank: Andhra Bank

Account Number 266810100008391

IFS Code: ANDB0002668

Certification of Participation will be provided to all participants.

Three Best papers award will be given.

Contact Us

Abstracts submission last date: 25th December, 2016

For abstract and paper submissions and/other academic/scientific enquiries

Dr. Surendra Pathak, Conference Director, Vice president, GHA
E-mail: gppsc2017@gmail.com; Email: pathak06@gmail.com M: 85276 30124

For Registration: Ramesh Kumar, Conference Secretary, Vice-President Global Harmony Association (GHA) Mob 9971001318; Email: ngocosro@gmail.com
Prof. Pushpa Motiyani, Head, Dept of Peace Research and Gandhian Thought, Gujarat Vidyapith; push101053@gmail.com
We solicit your thoughts on any of the above themes and invite research papers and presentations in the seminar.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we take great pleasure in inviting you to attend this seminar. Please circulate this information among your colleagues and research scholar for a wider participation.

Organizing Committee

Patron : Dr. Anamik Shah, Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmadabad

Subhash Chandra, Conference Chair, President GHA – Global harmony Association, India M -09910241586; Email: schandra101@gmail.com E-mail: gppsc2017@gmail.com
Rajendra Khimani, Conference Co-Chair, Registrar, Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmadabad
Pushpa Motiyani, Head, Department of Peace Research and Gandhian Thought, Gujarat Vidyapith; Co-Chair, GPSC 2017 Director, Ghadhiyan, Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmadabad; push101053@gmail.com
Surendra Pathak – Conference Director, Vice president, GHA Email: pathak06@gmail.com
Ramesh Kumar, Conference Secretary, Executive Director (CEO) and Vice-President Global Harmony Association (GHA) Email: ngocosro@gmail.com
Roshan Lal, Dept. of Psychology, Punjab University, Chandigarh Convener, GPSC 2017, Secretary NAPS E-mail: roshan257lal@gmail.com M9417882789
Chand Bhardwaj, Conference Joint Secretary, Trustee GHAE-mail: drckb2007@gmail.com

Conference Secretariat, GPPSC 2017

GHA India (Trust)

Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Conference Secretary

A 38, Rosewood City, Sector 49, Gurgaon 122018, India

Ph. 124 4266169, Mob 9971001318; E-mail: gppsc2017@gmail.com

Email: ngocosro@gmail.com


GHA–Global Harmony Network Centre (GHNC), India

The main objectives of GHNC

(1) to provide academic & professional networking for human wellbeing and universal wellness. (2) To organize conferences, workshops, projects, research publications, academic awards and scholarships. Global Network Harmony Centers (GHNC), run by GHA Trust India, provides a platform for social transformation and individual necessity of holistic development through education, research and innovation. The GHNC also provides the training & services of life management foe self development & social development through values education , skill development ,Yoga & meditation.

GHA Trust, Gurgaon, India

GHA Trust is an association for creating global impact on society & the world for creating global peace & harmonious society through global peace science research and innovation

Vision: Advancement of global peace science knowledge for creating global sustainable world.


The Mission of the GHA Trust is to bring global peace by implementing Peace & harmony Projects.
To create a global community of global peace leaders & peace scholars.
Promotion of innovative harmonious thinking and peace leadership innovation on a global platform.
The association is driven by the guidance of the global peace leaders & advisory board members. Scholars, Academicians, Professionals are encouraged to freely join Global Harmony Network Centre) (GHNC), India and become a part of a this GHA Trust working for the welfare of human kind and society through global ethics, peace & harmony research and innovation.

Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmadabad (www.gujratvidyapith.org)

Gujarat Vidyapith was founded by Mahatma Gandhi on 18th October, 1920. Gujarat Vidyapith is a deemed university since 1963. Gujarat Vidyapith is funded by the U. G. C. (University Grants Commission) for higher education programs. It was started as Rashtriya Vidyapith (National Institute of University Education) and was the wake of the Non-cooperative Movement. Mahatma Gandhi remained its life-long Kulpati (Chancellor).

Peace Research Centre

In October 1969, Gujarat Vidyapith organized a seminar on ‘Science, Education and Non-violence’ with support from the University Grants Commission (UGC), Indian National Commission for UNESCO, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Eminent Scientists and Scholars from USSR, USA, Canada, Australia and India attended. Dr. Solandt, Chairperson of the Canadian Science Council, Dr. Robinorich of the USSR, and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Chairperson of AEC India, were some of the distinguished participants. The then Deputy Director General of UNESCO had addressed the Seminar.

As a follow-up of the seminar the Vidyapith instituted a project for a study and research programme for peace in November 1971. The then Vice Chancellor, Professor Ramlal Parikh pioneered it and became the founder Director. UNESCO provided support for library and fellowships. UGC also provided some support. Eventually, it was turned into the Peace Research Centre and named after Shri Jamnalal Bajaj, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. The Centre became consistent with one of the objectives of the Gujarat Vidyapith, which states that the main function of the Vidyapith is to educate youth into becoming empowered, cultured, and committed volunteers, bearing sound character to undertake reconstruction of the nation based on Truth (Satya) and Non-violence (Ahimsa).

National Association of Psychological Science (NAPS), INDIA (www.napsindia.org)

The National Association of Psychological Science (NAPS) has been established in 2010. This is an endeavour for the development, representation and advancement of different areas of psychology as a science. The aim of the association is to promote, advance and disseminate the interests of scientifically oriented psychological research and application for benefit of an individual and society concern. The National Association of Psychological Science provides the platform for the scholarly exchange research in different areas of psychology and allied disciplines.

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5th International Conference on Current Research in Applied Business and Social Sciences (CRABS-FEB-2017) February 14th-15th, 2017

14th to 15th February 2017
New Delhi, India

Website: http://anissh.com/conferences/crabs-feb-2017/
Contact person: Santi

Selected conference papers will be published in associated Scopus / ISI indexed journal. All other papers will be considered for Google scholar index journals.

Organized by: Akademika Nusa Internasional
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 7th February 2017



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International Seminar on Bhagavad-Gita: Holistic Life Management and World Harmony Tourism Motivation 6th – 9th December 2016 Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana), India



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Centre of Arabic an African Studies


Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi



International and Interdisciplinary Conference


“Society, Culture and Morality: East and West”

New Delhi, India

Dates:  December 27-29, 2016


Venue: JNU Convention Centre, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Deadline to submit abstract: 20/10/2016

Organized by Centre of Arabic an African Studies, JNU, New Delhi the Institute of Cross Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange, Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion Elon, NC, USA


Email your abstract: rrahmanjnu@gmail.com

Copy to: Iccsaexchange@gmail.com

Subtopics:  Society and Media, Society and Women Empowerment, Language and Cultural Identity, E-Culture, Sociology of Culture, Semiotics of Culture, Cultural Relativism, Culture and Ethnology, Cultural Diplomacy, Folk Culture, Material Culture, Culture of War, Transfer of Culture, Culture War, Morality: Nature or Culture, Culture and Morals, Culture and Global Ethics, Theology of Culture etc.

Advisory Board:

Rizwanur Rahman( India)Ming Shao(China) Richard Vulich (USA) Su Chen Wu(Taiwan),Yanling Xu(China)

Scholars from different corners of the world join our conferences. The Cambridge Scholars Press has published seven books co-edited by members of our advisory board from selected papers from our last conferences. We also publish papers in our Journal of Indian Philosophy & Religion if the theme of the paper is in the area of publication of the Journal.


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Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)
New Delhi, India

is organising an International Veda Conference on

Veda as Global Heritage: Scientific Perspectives

15th – 18th December, 2016
Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, JNU, New Delhi


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We are pleased to inform you that Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, School of Law Galgotias University is organizing an International Conference on Administration of Criminal Law in India. The Conference is scheduled for 26th November 2016 and would witness paper presentation on diverse issues relating to administration of criminal justice.

Kindly upload this brochure on your website.

The conference brochure is attached herewith for your reference.


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