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Two-Day International Conference on The Problem of Conciousness and The Brain/Brahman Dichotomy

27.02.2017 – 28.02.2017



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 Conference on “Beyond Postcolonialism: Rethinking Feminist and Dalit Discourses in South Asia”
10.03.2017 – 11.03.2017


Theme of the Conference

It is overtly and covertly evident that, to a certain extent, the postcolonial intervention provided a distinct ideological and institutional framework for the oppressed, like the Dalits and women, to contest their subordination and oppression, one in which the most oppressed sections of society envisioned anti-caste egalitarian ideas and strove to build an alternative world free of exploitation and inhumanity. Also, implicitly or explicitly, the postcolonial discourse has shaped the consciousness and methodology of the oppressed in the South Asia. However, it is indeed unfortunate to note that the mainstream writing focusing on colonial and postcolonial South Asia did not integrate Dalit and feminist visions and their articulations as part of the South Asian experiences of colonialism and modernity. Thus, the Dalit scholarship showcases that the intellectual precinct usually considered outside the purview of postcolonial discourse has found the alternative techniques and methodology like autobiographical writings, confessional writings, life narratives, and small scale narratives, to challenge the postcolonial discourse’s most fundamental assumptions.
Similarly, gender issue in any society is subjected to multiple layers of subordination while postcolonial discourse incarnates women as victims of ‘barbarism and degenerate’ practices, which aim to justify colonization as a ‘mission of salvation’ and thus ‘white men are saving brown women from brown men’ (Spivak 2010, 310). This proposition of women being victim of barbarism and degenerative practices only, in fact, erases the women’s experiences of repression and subordination during the colonial and postcolonial times. This subordination makes the gender not only subject to male domination but also secondary to several societal constraints. For instance, the slogan “all the women are white and all the men are black, but some of us have breast”, indicates the difficulty faced by subaltern gender in the US. Similarly, this is the situation in South Asia, where Dalit and female gender are caught up in the complex web of hostile society. Moreover, South Asia, in particular, poses the problem of religious politics to both—Dalits and feminists—which calls for rethinking in terms of theorization in the present context.
In the context of the above discourse the conference shall focus on certain questions like: do the Dalit and feminist scholarship in South Asia function under the postcolonial discourse only or it exists outside it? Do the Dalit and feminist literary texts as literary artifacts draw their methodology from the postcolonial theory in South Asia or they have come up with their own methodology? Keeping close to the areas mentioned above, Abstracts may be developed for submission on the following sub-themes:
Critiquing Post colonialism
Marginalization and its vestiges and forms
Historiography of Feminist discourse
Historiography of Dalit Discourse
Dalit Discourse: Theory and practice
Dalit Discourse in South Asian Literature
Comparative Study of Dalit Discourses in Different languages
Dalit and Feminist consciousness in Folk Discourses
Intersectionality in Dalit Writings



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International Conference on Women Studies and Social Sciences 2017
March 09-11, 2017
Chandigarh, India

Chandigarh an International Edutainment Destination not only offers you a break from regular schedules, but also extends by this International Conference a good opportunity to Present and Publish your research. Be a part of the International Edu-network. Enjoy Shimla Post Conference Tour.


Govt of India Approved Conference.
* Abstracts will be served in ISBN Proceedings.
* A Special Issue of Human Rights International Research Journal Vol 5 Issue 1 and Social Sciences International Research Journal Vol 3 Spl Issue is released with accepted full papers for Journal Publication.
* International Participants from Various Countries
* Post Conference Shimla Tour on 11th March

Email: icwe2017@gmail.com
Web address: https://icwe2017.wixsite.com/conference
Ph: +91 9618777011, +91 9533421234
Organized by: IMRF, RPMRES, CSRE, DRPF

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International Conference on Women Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Management, Law, Gender Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences 2017
30th March to 1st April 2017
Goa, India

Original research papers from Research Scholars, Academicians, Scientists etc., are invited for presentation at the Conference.
Be a Part of the Exciting IMRF’s 51st International Gathering – Edu Network at Goa. Contribute your research among the learned from various countries and all parts of India. Be a Part of the Exotic Post Conference Goa Tour.

Highlights :

Govt of India Approved Conference.
* Abstracts will be served in ISBN Proceedings.
* A Special Issue of Business Sciences International Research Journal Vol 5 Issue 1 and Social Sciences International Research Journal Vol 3 Issue 1 is released with accepted full papers for Journal Publication.
* International Participants from Various Countries
* Post Conference Goa Tour on 1st April

Email: imrfgoa2017@gmail.com
Web address: https://imrfgoa2017.wixsite.com/conference
Ph : +91 9618777011, +91 9533421234
Organized by: IMRF Goa Chapter in Collaboration with various Centers of Higher Learning with Govt of India Approvals.

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Dear Sir/Ma’am


We are delighted to inform you that, Sixth International and Tenth Biennial Conference of The Indian Society of Victimology, “Ensuring Victim’s Participation in the Criminal Justice System”  (February 23 – 25, 2017) organized by Institute of Law, Nirma UniversityAhmedabad, Gujarat with the aim of encouraging research in bringing out the synergy involved in the collaboration between multiple disciplines of victimology.

Motivated by the stupendous success of Fourth International and Eighth Biennial Conference of the Indian Society of Victimology organized by Madras University, the niche of 2017 conference is the synthesis, more than analysis.

We have received colossal reaction for the conference for which we extend our heartiest gratitude to all. We had received more that 250 abstracts which includes various department heads and faculty members of field of victimology, out of which best 80 abstracts were selected.

As the conference will be studded with such prodigious intellectuals and experts in the field of victimology, we were of the view that people who couldn’t be a part of the conference due to rejection of abstract or due to inability of sending the abstract, should be given an opportunity of being a part of it and enrich their understanding of the subject.

The event is set to be attended by many eminent personalities,

  • Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mohan Pieris, Former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka as our Chief Guest of Inaugural Ceremony.
  • Hon’ble Mr. Justice Bhagwati Prasad, Chairman of Gujarat State Human Right Commission as our Guest of Honour of Inaugural Ceremony.

The speakers of the event include multitude of accomplished academicians such as Prof. (Dr.) Helmut Kury, Germany; Prof. (Dr.) Gerd Kirchoff, Japan; Prof. Heru Susetyo, Indonesia; Prof. Xin Ren, USA; Prof (Dr.) K. Chockalingam, Vice President, World Society of Victimology; Prof (Dr.) G. S. Bajpai, President, Indian Society Of Victimology, Chennai to name a few.

With the objective of ensuring the participation of maximum number of people, we solicit your gracious presence at the conference as a participant and witness world of victims around us. All the participants will be given certificates of participation.

Registration link


For further details:

Thanking you.

Warm Regards

Organising Committee,

International Conference on Victimology

Institute of Law, Nirma University

Ahmedabad – 382481 (Gujarat), India



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National Women’s Parliament (NWP) is a common platform for women from diverse background like politics, social sector, education, sports, industry, media, cinema, arts & culture, judiciary and young aspiring girl students to stage their experiences ,share knowledge and research in the area of women’s social economic and political empowerment.

NWP will be a three-day national conclave to be held at Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh and will be attended by 405 women Members of Legislative Assemblies and 92 women Members of Parliament of India. Several eminent women from all walks of life will interact and deliberate with them. 8,000 to 10,000 girl students will also participate from across the nation to establish direct connect with policy makers, leaders and other women of eminence about grass root challenges being faced by young women in India.



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4th International Conference on Stress Management (ICSM 2017)

3rd to 4th November 2017
Goa, India

Website: http://isma.org.in/icsm2017
Contact person: Dr. B. Udaya Kumar Reddy

ISMA in association with Goa Psychology Association organizing “4th International Conference on Stress Management” on 3rd and 4th Nov 2017 at Goa, India. Theme: Stress Safety Net for orgnisational Excellence

Organized by: International Stress Management Association
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 30th June 2017

Check the event website for more details.

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