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Gauhati University Journal of Philosophy (GUJP), a peer-reviewed annual research journal of philosophy ( ISSN 2456-3285, UGC recognized journal no. 40945) is to publish its 3rd consecutive volume in print form in Dec. 2018. Commemorating 100-year completion of  Russell’s Philosophy of logical atomism GUJP will dedicate this volume to writings on Russell and related other fields. Prof. Amitabha Dasgupta will be the guest editor of this special volume. Original research articles on areas specified, comments and discussions on articles published in earlier issues, book reviews etc. may be submitted for publication before 31 August at editorgujp@gmail.com.

Guidelines for submission of articles:


  1. 1.Articleswritten in English language (in two copies, one in MS Word and one in PDF) using a distinct font (size 12) are to be emailed to editorgujp@gmail.com
  2. 2. AnAbstractof not more than three hundred words should be submitted along with the article. It should include a few keywords related to the paper as well.
  3. 3.Theauthor shall take sufficient care to avoid spelling and grammatical mistake
  4. 4. Theauthorhas to enclose a self-certification to the effect that the article has not been published /not sent for publication anywhere els
  5. 5.Name,address, designation, institutional affiliation, phone number and email id of the author must be provid
  6. 6. Non-Englishtermsare to be written using diacritical marks wherever applicable. The same are to be italiciz
  7. 7. Italics,notbold types, should be used to show emphas
  8. 8. Citations/referencesareto be given using MLA style (8th Edition).
  9. 9.Notes,if any, are to be given at the end of the paper using serial numbers (1, 2, 3…) for which there should be corresponding super-scribed numbers in the appropriate place in the body of the text.
  10. 10.Articles will go through a process of double peer review andplagiarism test for selection.
  11. 11.Theauthor would be informed about acceptance or otherwise of their article in due course of tim
  12. 12.Theeditorial board reserves the right to reject any paper on reasons considered appropriate.


N.B. Deadline for receiving write-ups for this volume is 31 August 2018.

For authenticating the information, here is the web link of the Department of Philosophy, Gauhati University:


The call for papers can be found as a news ticker in the web link.

I hope, you would be kind enough to incorporate this piece of information in your newsfeed at your earliest convenience.


(On Behalf of the Editorial Board)

Paran Goswami

Editorial Assistant

Gauhati University Journal of Philosophy (GUJP)

Department of Philosophy

Gauhati University


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Call for papers/chapters/ book reviews for Edited Book (with ISBN)  “Understanding Sri Aurobindo: Rethinking Indian Thought in 21st Century ”
Department/Institute: “Think and Transform”- a new blog (coming soon)
Contact person with Address: Email: thinkandtransform18@gmail.com
Website: Coming soon
new-call for Edited Book (with ISBN) new

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Law Mantra”

Law Mantra Trust invites application for Team of Academic Professionals and Empanelment of Lawyers

About Law Mantra:


“Law Mantra” (headquarters New Delhi) (Registration No 150 in Book No.4 Vol No 3, 603 0f 2018) is not for profit organisation running for the purpose of enhancing legal academics and legal awareness in the society and in the practice of the same.

“Law Mantra International” (headquarters in New Delhi) is a body of Jurists, Advocates, Academicians and Students running for the purpose of enhancing legal academics and legal awareness in the society and in the practice of the same.

We at Law Mantra enable people to take responsibility for the situation of the deprived Indian women and children and so motivate them to seek resolution through individual and collective action thereby enabling women and children to realize their full potential.

Law Mantra runs under the Chairmanship of Mr. Justice Deepak Verma (Retd.), Judge, Supreme Court of India and Advisory Board of Prof.(Dr.) Mool Chand Sharma, Founder Vice-Chancellor, Central University Haryana, Justice N.C Sil, Former Judge Calcutta High Court & Former Acting Chair Person W.B.H.R.C, Prof.(Dr.) M.P Singh, Chancellor, Central University, Haryana, Prof. Koh Kheng Lian, Emeritus Professor KO

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Gauhati University Journal of Philosophy (GUJP), Vol. 3, December, 2018

[ISSN 2456-3285; UGC Recognized Journal No. 40945] is to publish its

third consecutive issue in December 2018. Commemorating completion of

100 years of publication of Russell’s Logical Atomism, this issue will

be published as RUSSELL SPECIAL NUMBER. Original research articles on

any aspect of Russell’s philosophy or on allied topics may be

submitted at editorgujp@gmail.com within 31 August, 2018. Further

details may be checked at https://www.gauhati.ac.in/arts/philosophy

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