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India International Islamic Academic Conference

8th to 9th October 2016
New Delhi, India

Website: http://iiiac.in/
Contact person: LIMSEER ALI

India International Islamic Academic Conference (IIIAC) will be held on 8-9 October, 2016 at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi, India. SIO of India will host the event.

Organized by: SIO
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2nd October 2016

Check the event website for more details.



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National level conference on Multidisciplinary academic studies across globe

10th to 10th September 2016
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Website: http://anveshanaindia.com/event-conference/?id=32
Contact person: Vinod kumar

The first aim of the conference is to provide opportunities for academics from a range of disciplines to share their research both through the conference podium and AERF’s refereed publications.

Organized by: Aerf
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 31st August 2016

Check the event website for more details.



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Alexis Foundation hereby invites original research papers on the following themes for publication in a book series:
Theme 1 – War, Terrorism and National Security

1. Forms of Terrorism that have plagued the world
2. New forms of warfare e.g. Cyber etc and measures to counter them
3. Using National Security to violate/oppress the public. Justifiable?
4. How to prevent the youth from radicalisation
5. Indian legislative framework against terrorism, Limitations of national Security measures
6. Suggestions on “Vasudev Kutumbakam” ie “the world is a family” keeping in mind the recent solidarity against acts of terrorism

Theme 2 – Interlinking Law, Governance & Political Philosophy

1. Indian Constitutional Philosophy
2. Ethics and Medical Jurisprudence in India
3. Kautilya, Machiavelli and Foreign Policy
4. Sociological Analysis of Welfare Schemes in Rural India
5. An Analysis of the Indian Prison Set-Up

Theme 3 – Aspects of Criminal law and Social Control in India

1. Juvenile Justice System
2. Issues concerning execution of Death Penalty
3. Criminology and Penology
4. Organised and White Collar Crimes
5. Cyber crimes
6. Rights of prisoners, under-trial prisoners and need of Prison Reforms

Theme 4 – Constitutional Law as the broader theme, paired up with international regime and gender studies

Theme 5 – Interdisciplinary topics on law with a focus on human rights, international relations and trade including but not limited to:

1. Refugee and migrant rights/ LGBT rights
2. Violence against women
3. The weakening link between law enforcement agencies and human rights
4. Diplomacy and foreign policy in the nuclear era
5. International organisations and their efficacy
6. The hegemonic stability theory and decline of the American hegemony
7. New trends in WTO law and its modern interpretation in a globalised economic society
8. Analysis and future of regional FTAs with a focus on South Asia
9. Impact of the Brexit on global trade and investment

Theme 6 – Unraveling commercial law and information technology with its associated international aspects and strategies

Theme 7 – Legitimacy of the Unborn: Issues and Challenges

1. Surrogacy: Whether ethical, legal or social?
2. Rights of Child out of Rape
3. Adoption v. Modern Reproductive techniques
4. Unmarried Juvenile Mother
5. Children of Divorced Parents: Issues and Challenges
6. Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994: A Litmus Test

Theme 8 – A generic overview of pressing and pertinent contemporary issues

1. Gender sensitivity with emphasis on treatment of sex workers in contemporary times
2. Net Neutrality: Human Rights in the digital age
3. Cultural relativism as an obstacle to universal human rights
4. Methods pertaining to poverty alleviation and development strategies
5. An evaluation of the present economic system in India and its conclusive analysis
6. A critical analysis of the Labour laws in India along with the wage game debate

Theme 9 – Contemporary issues in International Law

1. Role of International organizations (keeping the legal aspect at the front) in the climate change issue
2. Conflict resolution at the international level
3. Role of non-state actors in defining the international policies
4. War Crimes, Genocide, and International Criminal Court
5. Regional groups – their law and policies

Theme 10 – Reflections on political and legal contemporary issues

1. International Refugee Law. (IDPs, migrants)
2. Euthanasia in India
3. The effectiveness of Nuclear non-proliferation laws such as the NPT in the international realm, with analysis on the pressing question – Are nuclear weapons for peace or war?
4. South China sea dispute national, international and maritime laws
5. Territorial aggression with special focus on the Iraq War and it’s legality
6. UNSC as a multilateral institution
7. How Coca-colonization changed the world

About Us

We are India’s leading and most diversified youth-led think tank which conducts research and provides consultancy in areas such as economics, information technology, international relations, law, management, public policy and strategy.

Legal Status: Registered as a Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trusts Act, 1882.

Participant: United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Civil Society Network.


1. The submission is open to all students, research scholars, teachers and professionals around the world.

2. Co-authorship shall be permitted. There is no bar on number of co-authors.

Submission Guidelines

1. The work should be original, and must not be previously published or must not be in the stage of submission/consideration anywhere else.

2. The word length can range between 3000-7500 words exclusive of Footnotes and References.

3. Submissions should be made in MS Word format.

4. Main Text – Times New Roman, font size 12, double spacing, justified, with a margin of an inch on all sides.

5. Footnotes – Times New Roman, font size 10. Substantive footnotes are accepted.

6. Citation Mode – Bluebook (19th edition)

7. An abstract should be written at the beginning, explaining the aims and motives of the paper. Word length: 300-750 words.

8. Bibliographies are welcome but not required.

9. Each submission must be accompanied with a short description about the author(s).

Submission Policy

1. The editorial board will follow the Anonymous Peer-Review policy for judging the submissions.

2. The editorial board reserves the right to reject or edit any paper whose content is offensive or defamatory, explicitly unethical or if it supports racism, sexual or religious discrimination, illegal activities or terrorism; similarly an article may be refused if the Board deems that it might harm the political or religious sentiments of interested readers in any manner.

3. The editorial board reserves the right to disqualify the paper on account of plagiarism.

4. The research paper should not infringe the copyright or any other right of a third party, if so, the Alexis Foundation disclaims any responsibility for copyright violation or any other liability.

5. The research paper shall be considered the property of Alexis Foundation, which reserves the right of publication of the same in a book and in any other manner as it may deem appropriate, without providing any royalty or compensation.

6. The editorial board reserves the right to vary, repeal, alter any of the rules, if as required, as they deem appropriate.

7. A soft copy of the research paper must be uploaded on our research portal – http://www.alexis.in/research.html by 15th September, 2016 – 23:59 HRS (IST).

For any queries, please write to us at info@alexis.org.in

Adhrit Foundation
B1/48, Sector B, Aliganj
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226024
+9195992 13421

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International Journal of Advance Contemporary Research ( ISSN 2394-9503 Online Journal ) is now accepting submissions for its upcoming sixth issue .

Papers may be submitted under the following categories: Law , Corporate Social Responsibility , Human Rights , corporate law, constitution, Intellectual Property Rights , Gender and Society , women and society , social change etc

Long Articles: Between 4000 to 8000 words, inclusive of footnotes. Papers in this category are expected to engage with the theme comprehensively, examine literature comprehensively, and offer an innovative reassessment of the current understanding of that theme. It is advisable, though not necessary, to choose a theme that is of contemporary importance. Purely theoretical pieces are also welcomed.

Essays: Between 3000 and 5000 words, inclusive of footnotes. Essays are far more concise in scope. These papers usually deal with a very specific issue, and argue that the issue must be conceptualized differently. They are more engaging, and make a more easily identifiable, concrete argument.

Case Notes: Between 1500 and 2500 words, inclusive of footnotes. This is an analysis of any contemporary judicial pronouncement, whether in India or elsewhere. It must identify and examine the line of cases in which the decision in question came about, and comment on implications for the evolution of that branch of law.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Submissions are preferred in the font style ‘Garamond‘, font size 12, spacing of 1.5 unit. The title of the paper should be in font size 16 and bold. The name of name of the author(s) should be in font size 16 and italic. All the footnotes should be in the font style ‘Garamond‘ and font size 10. All submissions must be word processed, and compatible with Microsoft Word 2007.

Submissions must conform to the uniform citation style.

No hard copies of submission are accepted.


Please submit the paper to ijacrsubmissions@gmail.com indicating which category your paper is intended for. All submissions should contain the name of the author, professional information, the title of the manuscript, and contact information. Submissions may be emailed with the subject heading ‘IJACR – Submissions Issue 5’.

IMPORTANT DATES The last date for submissions of papers is 10, September , 2016 .

Cost : 700 INR For Single Author Article

1000 INR For Co-Authored Article

Cost to be payed by author only after selection of article for Publication by our editorial team.

website: http://ijacr.co.in/

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One day National seminar


“Socio –Legal Dimensions of environmental law”


5th November 2016

Organized by

Aadi Shakti Mission

Plot no. 02(6 number pulia), upper Nathanpur

Dehradun , Uttarakhand

Registered Trust at Dehradun






Aadi Shakti Mission

We at Aadi Shakti Mission want to enhance the awareness of public at large in order to make and stay them healthy.

Aadi Shakti is also trying to give legal assistance to the needy and to fulfill this we have planned to organize legal camps in various different regions, so that people at large may be benefited. We also cherish to secure the heritage of Uttarakhand, enhance cosmic energy present in us. Where we have kept our sight to study about the sidh Pitts of Uttarakhand and to help govt. to enhance tourism and secure our heritage.

Thus this seminar will be a way forward to motivate and aware people for environment protection, which is one important objective of Aadi Shakti Mission.

Theme of the Seminar:

“Socio –legal dimensions of environmental law”

The National Seminar aims at

  1. Bridge the gap between seeker and knowledge.
  2. Raise awareness on different environmental issues.
  3. Promote ,encourage and initiate research related to the different environmental issues.
  4. Analyze the public policies and their implementation in the field of environmental law.

About Dehradun and Celebration (Venue for seminar)

The beautiful town is referred as the gateway to mussoorie and Garhwal Himalayas interior. One of the best place in providing education & oldest cities in the country.

A sprawling city, speckled with magical places, steeped in history is an ideal spot for those who want adventure in their life. Try hands in adventures like camping, skiing, angling and river rafting. Experience adventurous stay at Dehradun.

Venue Address:-

Celebration Gardens

Jogiwala, Haridwar Road, opp. Rajeshwari Nursery, Dehradun

For adventurous packages at discounted rate for the participants of conference is given by leading Travel agency of Dehradun “Faith Trek’s and Tours”.

Faith Trek’s and Tours is a sponsor partner  in this conference.

  • All the conference participants will receive 25% discount on the packages .Whoever is interested for the exciting and advent ours stay at dehradun, may visit website: campinkanatal.com OR you may call for any assistance in relation to camping at mobile number : 09897052419
  • If interested, you need to register with us, so that we can able to make your stay happier and adventurous.
  • Discount on packages for the participants of conference is available during 1st November 2016 to 30th November 2016, a month in which conference is organized.



  1. Liability for environment degradation.
  2. Environment and forest law.
  3. Role of statutory bodies in the protection of environment.
  4. Environmental criminal Law.
  5. Environmental policy and law.
  6. Environmental rights: Advocacy to protect.
  7. International and comparative environmental Law.
  8. Environmental impact of industrialization, such as: electricity generation, hydraulic fracturing etc.
  9. Impact of energy laws on environment.
  10. The next generation of environmental law.


AADI SHAKTI Mission invites well researched papers to be presented in the National Seminar on the subthemes mentioned above or any other relevant with the theme of the seminar.


  1. Paper should be emailed: aadishakticonference@gmail.com

OR aadishaktidehradun@gmail.com

  1. Each paper can be submitted to only one track. At the time of submission, submitted papers must not have been published or accepted for publication.
  2. Authors must make two initial submission decisions. Choose
  3. The most appropriate track(presentation/poster)
  4. The most appropriate set of keywords
  5. Formatting guidelines:
  6. Full paper: not more than 5000 words
  7. Abstract: not more than 200 words with maximum 7 key words
  8. Figures, graphs, tables, appendices and references should follow the JIBS style guide.
  9. Use times roman 12-point font, double spaced, 1-inch (2.5 cm) margin all around, references can be single spaced.
  10. All manuscripts must be in English.
  11. Abstract and full paper should be submitted only by soft copy.
  12. Selected papers will be presented in the conference.
  13. All papers are subject to scrutiny by the advisory committee.
  14. We do not allow any changes in the paper title, abstract, authorship and actual paper after the submission deadline.


Best Seminar Paper Award:

Cash prize and merit certificate will be awarded to best three papers selected by the Seminar organizing committee.

Event Partner:

  1. knowledgeesteez.com

Media Partner:

  1. Legal Desire
  2. Law Mantra

3) http://legge-rhythms.weebly.com/



Mail your submission to

  1. aadishakticonference@gmail.com


  1. aadishaktidehradun@gmail.com



Important dates:

Abstract submission: 27th of September 2016

Submission of Draft: 20th of October 2016

Send Draft in favor, “Aadi Shakti mission” payable at Dehradun

Send Draft at: Aadi Shakti Mission

Plot no. 02(6 number pulia), upper Nathanpur

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Full paper submission: 25th of October2016

Conference date: 5th of November 2016



Registration Fees:

Students: Rs.2000 (with lodging)

Rs. 1000(without lodging)

Faculty &other:

Rs. 3000(with lodging)

Rs. 1500 (without lodging)

(Please note that a registration fee includes lunch on conference day and tea with snacks on 5th November 2016 at evening.)

Contact us:

EMAIL: aadishakticonference@gmail.com

Website: www.aadishaktimission.com

Face book: https://m.facebook.com/aadishaktimission

For any assistance, please call

  1. 9634456922
  2. 9634630854

Seminar organizing committee

  • Nishant Kumar, Advocate(convener)
  • Niteesh Upadhyaya, Professor (convener)
  • Sushma Juyal Anthwal ,Advocate(convener)
  • Shalini Bahuguna, Professor
  • Rachna Raturi, Healer & Social worker


Student Coordinators:-

  1. Mahak Rathee




  1. Aakash Chaturvedi



  1. Vidushi Anthwal





  • Harish Juyal,
    (Leading expert in E2E approach and Domain expert in Service industry with strong clientage.)

Seminar Members:

  • Hemant Anthwal,

(Leading Environmentalist)

  • Deepak Juyal,
    ( expertise in multi domain )
  • Arvind Bachheti
    (Media consultant)
  • Pawan Negi , Doordarshan, Senior Cameraperson
  • S.Rawat ,Doordarshan, Senior Producer
  • Mukul ,(Eminent Psychologist)
  • K.Pandey, Advocate
  • Tasarruf Ahmad,Professor


Join Us:

For social good.



































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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention

Call for Papers (August 2016 Issue)

Dear Author/Researcher

IJHSSI is peer reviewed International Journal which publishes paper online as well as print version. IJHSSI is indexed in major indexing like EBSCO HOST, CABELL’s library, ULRICH web, Jour Info etc.

ISSN (Online version): 2319 – 7722

ISSN (print): 2319 – 7714

Subject Category: Humanities and Social Science.

IJHSSI follows the rapid publication process.
Important dates are as follows:

Last Date for paper Submission: 30 August 2016.

Publication Date:  10 September 2016.


Hard copy will be dispatch within 7 days after online publication.

Please submit your paper through http://www.ijhssi.org/online-submission.html


Website: http://www.ijhssi.org

With warm regards


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Legge Rhythms is an initiative started by two law students of the Indore Institute of Law in April 2015. It is a legal website with the tag line LAW EMBRACED, started with an object to bring all the aspects of the law under a single umbrella.


3 months (except for CAMPUS AMBASSADOR whose term would be 1 year), no stipend


  • Campus Ambassador
  • Researcher
  • Author
  • Law notes Maker
  • Legal news Updater
  • Editors


You can apply by sending your resumes to our internship mail-id: internships.leggerhythms@gmail.com before 5TH September 2016.


Any student pursuing LL.B/B.A.LL.B/B.B.A.LL.B/LL.M. from any college across India.


  • Certificates at the end of the term
  • Best 3 interns in each category gets LR voucher of Rs 1500 each.
  • Best 3 researchers get publication in LR online journal.



For any query, you can reach us on +918435983045 or +919752146611

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