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International Conference on Corruption in Governance: Challenges and Solutions

Event Details Start:15th Nov 2013 End:16th May 2013




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About  the Seminar :

‘Gen Next IT and Business Intelligence’

Now a days, we are living in a knowledge society. People and  organizations are immersed in a constant flow of information through Modern  Information Technology.  The  availability of quality information is crucial to make quick, rational business  decisions. The organizations have recognized the value of effective business  intelligence capabilities and insight with right  information in  an easy-to-grasp format for decision making.

Business  Intelligence(BI) is the  application and  technology, which is used to gather, provide access  to, and analyze data and information about the  Business Operations .The need of advances  and revolutionary changes in technology were witnessed globally in the last two  decades. IT enabled  Business  Intelligence tools and Techniques facilitate continuous enhancement of the  Business Operations. These tools make it easier to capture data and provide  cheaper methods to store the data than earlier. They offer solutions for BI  which enables to maximize profitability and optimize the Business Processes.       Technocrats, IT Professionals, Corporate houses and academicians from  all over the world are continuously exploring up-gradation of technology to  facilitate better business processes and decisions. This necessitates to swap  and share these technological enhancements with each other for growth and  prosperity. Considering this need the seminar on ‘Gen Next IT and Business Intelligence’ is organized by Dr.Moonje Institute under the AQIS scheme of AICTE, New Delhi  to promote  high standards by way of  extending opportunities to the academicians, working professionals and  corporate people for interacting and sharing their views ,knowledge and  experiences.

The  Objectives are:

  1. To identify the Next  Generation IT Tools and Techniques for BI
  2. To get acquainted with the  concept and tools of Business Intelligence for effective decision making
  3. To Explore  the challenges and opportunities in BI and  Next Generation IT
  4. To deal case studies in  ‘BI using IT ’


Call for Papers

Abstract with full Papers are invited from Corporates,  Academicians, Research Scholars, Students & Alumni. Select papers will be  published in seminar proceedings containing ISBN 978-81-926888-0-0 / ISSN  Journal (ISSN  2250-365X). . Best Papers will be awarded Session wise. Active Participation in  the Seminar will also be Awarded. Award Winning Participants will be reimbursed  the Registration Fees and T.A.(Shortest Route –IInd Class Sleeper)

          Paper should be submitted in A4 size, in MS Word using Times  New Roman Font with size 12 in double spaced format with 1inch margin on all  sides.

          Abstract  and full length paper shall be submitted through e-mail at :  dmisem13@gmail.com.  

Important Dates           Last Date for Paper Submission : 20 July’2013           Acceptance of Paper (through email) : 25 July’2013 Last Date for Registration : 28th  July’2013


For more details:


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The course is a six month program, culminating in the award of a certificate to successful graduates. It aims to give students a thorough understanding of key aspects of Arya Nagarjuna’s philosophy and dialectical method.

Chapters 1, 18, 22, 24 and 26 of Mulamadhyamika Karika will be covered and graduates of the course will thereafter be eligible to attend Series II of this course.

The course will be taught by Geshe Dorji Damdul, Director of Tibet House.

Venue: Conference Hall, Tibet House

Date of commencement: Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Classes will be held every Sunday

Time: 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Click here to download the Course Application Form

For more information, please contact us



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6th International Vedic Workshop 2014       Kozhikode, Kerala State, India             7th – 10th, January, 2014

The International Vedic Workshop is the most prominent get-together of Indologists involved in the study of the Vedas the world over. The 6th International Vedic Workshop will be held in Kozhikode (Calicut) in the southern Indian state of Kerala in India.     The previous five International Vedic Workshops were held in Harvard University, USA (in 1989, organized by Prof. Michael Witzel), Kyoto University, Japan (in 1999, organized by Prof. Y. Ikari), Leiden University, The Netherlands (in 2002, organized by Prof. J. Houben and Prof. A. Griffith), University of Texas, Austin, USA (in 2007, organized by Prof. P. Olivelle and Prof. J. Brereton), and Centre for Eurasiatic and Afroasiatic Studies (CEAS), Bucharest, Romania (in 2011, organized by Prof. J. Rotaru). These workshops have already made some major advances in Vedic studies. Also, these workshops have already pointed out and then followed up, several new avenues for Vedic research.

The forthcoming workshop strictly focuses on Vedic texts and rituals, their scholarly interpretation, and their traditional performance and has only one track with no parallel sessions.  The prospective audience constitutes bona fide scholars of the Vedas and Vedic traditions, traditional scholars (Vaidikas, ritualists, and also scholars of Mimamsa), practitioners of Veda, Sanskrit scholars, Veda enthusiasts, writers specialised in Veda etc.

One of the main attractions of 2014 episode of the Vedic Workshop will be the physical presence of Veda chanting experts and their demonstration of Veda chanting. Also, the experts will be available for the scholars to “interview”. They include the highly skilled Veda chanters from the two Kerala Schools of Rigveda, chanters from different Yajurveda schools in Kerala, and from the rare Kerala school of Saamaveda. Listening to and gaining from the practical knowledge / experience of these experts will add value to the usual (theoretical) deliberations in the workshop.

Visit for details:


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First International Conference of Punjab Geographers to be held on 4th-5th Oct. 2013

Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra



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Workshops by ICPR

The following workshops will be held in next months:

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Date Extension Notice for Admission

It is notified for the information of all concerned that the last date for sale of Prospectus and submission of application

forms for admission to the following PG programmes for the Academic Session 2013-14 at SMVD University is

hereby extended upto 26th July 2013.

1. M.Tech. (Manufacturing & Automation)

2. M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)

3. M.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

4. M.Tech. (Energy Management) – Part Time

5. M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

6. M.A. (Philosophy)

The candidates finally admitted to M.Tech. Full time Programme shall be eligible for Research Assistantship from the University as per rules on the matter. For other details related to eligibility criteria, how to apply etc. please visit our website:



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