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Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU), Amarkantak
(A Central University established by an Act of Parliament)
Mekal Sadan, Kapiladhara Road, Amarkantak (M.P.) – 484886
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Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak invites applications for the following Faculty posts:

  1. Professor      : 11 posts in various subjects/ disciplines
  2. Associate      Professor : 27 posts in various subjects/ disciplines
  3. Assistant      Professor : 01 posts in Philosophy

Application Fee : A Demand Draft of Rs. 500/- ( Rs. 250/- for SC/ST) drawn in favour of Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Payable at State Bank of India, Amarkantak (IFS Code No.-SBIN 0004674.

How to Apply : The completed application forms should reach to the Registrar, IGNTU, Amarkantak on or before 30/10/2012.

Please visit http://igntu.nic.in/recruitment.htm for details and application form.


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Call for Papers ( Volume 1, Issue 5, 2012 )

Respected Faculty/Scholar,

I would like to invite all academicians from all disciplines to contribute articles for IJMER. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research offers an independent International journal for all Academicians, Philosophers, Theorists, Social Scientists, Educationists and Management Practitioners. The Journal promotes original academic research in Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce & Management, Engineering & Technology, Medicine, Sciences, Art & Development Studies.


Deadline for submission of Research Articles: 30th November 2012

Guidelines :

  • Article should be original and unpublished.
  • The Article should have bibliography, footnote, references, suggestions and findings.
  • The title of your article should be appropriate.
  • The contribution should be 8 to 10 pages in A4 size paper and the text shall be in font size 12 in Times New Roman with one and half space on single side with 2-inch margin.
  • Subscription for Journal along with one article publication amount : Main Author : 1000/-, Co-Author : 500/-
  • Institutional subscription i.e. Rs. 1000/- per annum and 3 years for Rs. 2000/-
  • For Faculty and Students Rs. 500/- per annum and Rs. 1000/- per 3 years.
  • Single copy of the Journal 350/-
  • Advertisement: Rs. 5000/- per page and Rs. 2500/- per half page.

The subscription of the journal is payable in advance by demand draft drawn in favour of IJMER (International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research), payable at Visakhapatnam-530 003, Andhra Pradesh , India. The subscription charges are as follows.

For any enquiry you can contact:

Dr.Victor Babu Koppula
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research (IJMER)
Saraswati Nivas,Door No: 8-21-4,China Waltair
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Pin – 530 017, India
Mobile Number: 09247782851



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Call for Papers:


Paideia (www.paideia-journal.com) is an international philosophical journal for undergraduates and master’s students. Its aim is to promote high quality philosophical debate between different universities. The journal allows a confrontation with high profile publications through a rigorous and not dogmatic discussion.
Paideia wants to open an international room for particularly outstanding papers to prove their value. They can focus on both the historical and theoretical philosophy, from an analytical or continental point of view.

Papers should be original and not yet published nor submitted in any other journal.
Paideia also has a book reviews and interviews section.

Articles should be sent to: submission@paideia-journal.com

For other questions you can send an e-mail to the editor to: editor@paideia-journal.com
You can also contact us through Facebook: Paideia Journal

English, German and French are accepted.
The first number is to be published at the beginning of 2013.

International Philosophical Journal
Tamborini Marco
Pleikartsfoerster Strasse 14
69124 Heidelberg


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Department Of Humanities and Social Science
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
A short term course


“Law and Economics”
22nd – 28th October, 2012

Sponsered By
All India Council for Technical Education

The Quality Improvement Programme
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

[Download PDF]


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List of Forthcoming Conferences in 2012 and 2013

Conferences Organized in association with Karnataka State Higher Education Council

Conference Date

Title of the Conference

Download Brochure

29-09-2012 National Conference on Communication for Development and Social Change: Exploring Future Avenues
04-10-2012 National Conference on Sustainable Social Development in India: New Vistas and Challenges
18-10-2012 National Conference on Teaching English Literature in the Indian Literary Context
03-11-2012 National Conference on Business Innovation and Technology Management
6th to 8th Nov 2012 International Conference on Recent Advances in Material Science (RAMS – 2012)
19-11-2012 National Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Agriculture and Rural Development
07-12-2012 National Conference on Evolving Research Methodologies in History & Archaeology
13-12-2012 National Conference on Integrated Library Management System
29-12-2012 ಕನ್ನಡಬಳಕೆಯಇತ್ತೀಚಿನಪ್ರವೃತ್ತಿಗಳು: ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರೀಯಸಮ್ಮೇಳನ
08-01-2013 National Conference on Challenges and Opportunities for Chemical Sciences in 21st Century
22-01-2013 National Conference on Biotechnological Solutions for Sustainable Environmental Management
31-01-2013 National Conference on Recent Discoveries in Protein Science

Conferences Organized by Tumkur University

Conference Date

Title of the Conference

Download Brochure

28-09-2012 National Conference on Coalition Politics and Emerging Trends in India
12 & 13 Oct 2012 International Conference on Urbanization and Economic Transformation: Issues and Challenges
18 & 19 Oct 2012 International Conference on West Asia’s Transitory Phase: Democratic Movements and its Politics
26-10-2012 National Conference on Newer Concerns of Older Persons
31-10-2012 National Conference on Emerging Issues and Innovations in Management Education
22 & 23 Nov 2012 International Conference on Humanities Today: Challenges and Prospects
27 & 28 Nov 2012 International Conference on Yoga and Education
03 & 04 Dec 2012 International Conference on Content Management in Networked Environment
06-12-2012 National Conference on Geometry, Algebra, Logic and Number Theory Applications



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National Seminar on “Role of Indian Police and Human Rights”: Call for Papers

WHEN: 5-6 November, 2012

WHERE: B.S.M.P.G.College, Roorkee

ORGANIZER: Department of Political Science, B.S.M.P.G.College, Roorkee Uttarakhand


You can submit your paper on the sub-themes mentioned below either in Hindi (Krutidev10, Font 14) or English (MS-Word, Font12 Arial) in soft copy or hard copy to drrajesh.paliwal@gmail.com or the address given in the registration form.


1.      Concept of Human Rights and the role of Police officers in Protection of Human Rights.

2.      Police as Protectors of Human Right.

3.      Media and Human Rights violation by Law Enforcement.

4.      Legal Powers and Responsibilities of Police Officers in the Protection of Human rights

5.      Police Leadership Imperatives in the Protection of Human Rights.

6.      Image Building Behavior patterns of the Police

7.      National Security Challenges and Police response

8.      Women Police as Change agents in Police Organization

9.      Open Panel


  • Rs. 600/ for Participant
  • Rs. 400/ for students/research scholars (on showing proof)



Courtesy- The Social Science Informer

Source Link- http://thesocialscienceinformer.blogspot.in/2012/08/national-seminar-role-of-indian-police.html

Courtesy :http://knowledgesteez.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/national-seminar-on-role-of-indian-police-and-human-rights/

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The International Journal of Health and Education (IJHE), ISSN: 2227-2798, is a bi-annually double-blind peer-reviewed Journal of Foundation for a Drug-Free World, USA. It is Ulrich Indexed and the first issue is recently published from USA.


The Editorial board of the Journal includes  Editor-in-Chief: Judi Shervell, Assistant Editor: Munir Moosa Sadruddin and renowned scholars like Marsha Goren, USA, Dr. Iqbal Ahmed Panhwar (Dean Management Sciences, Bahria University, Pakistan), and Jeff Lee (Executive Director, The Mentor Foundation, USA). We invite you and the faculty members to submit their quality research paper for Issue 2, December 2012.


Details are enclosed as an attachment.


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Guidelines for submission of papers for the proposed multi-volume series on Ethics & Applied ethics-

Vol 1 to 4-has been completed and sent to press for publication and is in process of proof correction.

Vol 5-We want to include papers on social ethical problems and political ethical problems of interest-subaltern ethics, gender inequalities, justice/social justice, corruption, menace of caste- trafficking in women, delinquent children, handicapped, retarded children, dowry problem, rapes, eve teasing, bride burning and so many atrocities, discrimination etc.

Vol 6- Bio-medical ethics covering all aspects.

Vol 7-Ethics of the Indian heterodox systems-we expect papers on the ethics of heterodox systems which would cover all topics like social, political, economical, environmental ,bio- ethical etc. problems with comparative study with western materialism, atheism, naturalism, skepticism etc.

Vol 8-We expect in this volume-ethics of orthodox systems in all types of ethics as mentioned above causing right from the Vedas/Brahamanas granth,  Aranyakas, Upanishad, Puranas, Epics, The Gita, Dharmashashtra,Smriti, Sutra granth etc.and all this philosophical systems of India- including four Purusharthas.

Vol 9-In this volume we want to cover- economics and ethics and topics like-philosophy of economics, relation of wealth & ethics in harmony  with each other, welfare economics, development ethics, comparative study of Amartya sen and Rawls, Gandhi, Gilbraithe, Lebret and  other economists, historical review of economics in relation to ethics, business ethics, management ethics, media ethics journalists ethics, information ethics, legal & professional ethics, etc.

Vol 10-Philosophy of education, sociology of education, psychology of education, problems of education, right to education, adult education, vocational education, handicapped children, inclusive education and many other topics relating to education.

Vol 11-To cover all aspects of environmental ethics.

Vol 12-To cover ethics of all major religions of the world.

Vol 13-cover topics like history of Indian and western ethics-from Vedic period to Modern period in India& Pre-Socratic to Kant and Hegal modern philosophy also comparative study of all Indian & western thought current.

Vol 14- Contemporary western philosophers from Bradley & all philosophical school & trends like Phenomenology, Existentialism, Post modernism, structuralism, Hermeneutic etc & contemporary Indian thinkers from Ram Mohan Roy till present day including Nehru, Lohia & many  others.

Vol 15-Meta ethics all problems of the major meta-ethics & its bearing & comparison with new formulation in the Indian systems, more volumes are under consideration – social ethics, political ethics, feminist ethics, language & ethics, applied arts & aesthetics etc.

Note: The list of the topics cited above are only illustrative & many more topics may be added depending on the author. The paper may be sent in computer typed in MS-WORD accompanied with RW-CD or sent by mail on mail ID-shivanathprasad51@yahoo.com ,Add-Shivanath Prasad ,road no. 20, plot no. 39, S.K Nagar,PATNA-800001

VOL 1-Issues in Applied Ethic-already completed, edited S.N Prasad &Avinash.K.Shrivastava

VOL 2-Issues in Applied Ethics-                                               do

VOL 3-Issues in Applied Ethics (Bio-Medical Ethics)             do

VOL 4-Issues in Meta-Ethics, Normative Ethics & Virtue Ethics-S.N Prasad,D.Guha,A.K Shrivastava

In The Process-

VOL 5-Issues in Ethics & Applied Ethics-S.N Prasad

VOL 6-Companion to Bio- Medical Ethics

To Be Processed-

VOL 7-Issues Indian Ethics (heterodox system)

VOL 8-Issues in Indian Ethics (orthodox system)

VOL 9- Issues in Applied Ethics-Economic and Ethics, Business, Professional, Legal, Management, Development Ethics, Engineering etc.

VOL 10-Issues in Educational Ethics

VOL 11-Issues in Environmental Ethics

VOL 12-Issues in Religious Ethics (all major religions of the world)

VOL 13-Indian & Western Ethics (historical and comparative study)

VOL 14-Contemporary Western and Eastern Ethics/Applied Ethics

VOL 15-Issues in Meta-Ethics , VOL 16- Social Ethics, VOL 17- Political Ethics , VOL 18- Feminist Ethics, VOL 19- Arts, Aesthetics & Ethics, VOL 20- Ethical Extra Vaganza , VOL 21- Language &Ethics

To all philosophy prof.

For contribution of papers to the proposed ambitious Multi-Volume (21 volume) Anthologies on “Ethics & Applied Ethics”-

Kindly contact for more details –S.N Prasad, Road no.20,Plot no.39,S.K Nagar,PATNA-800001(Bihar), Mob-09905292070,E-mail-shivanathprasad51@yahoo.com

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