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Call for Papers

Satya Nilyam Research Institute

Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai 600 041


Call for Papers

Scholarly papers are sought on Human Person: Various Perspectives for inclusion in the forthcoming issue of Satya Nilyam Chennai Journal of Intercultural Philosophy.Specific topics could touch upon the views of various religious, science, and philosophers, and cover areas such as human nature, origin, and destiny; human’s relation to the universe and the Ultimate; freedom and responsibility; nature of soul, soul-body relationship…


Submission Guidelines:

  • Please submit abstracts, prepared for blind review , by e-mail or hard copy within a month and a half after receiving this communication.
  • If a proposal is accepted, the finished papers should be submitted within forty-five days from the day of receiving the communication of acceptance.


Please send submission to:


The Director,

Satya Nilyam Research Institute

201 Kalki Krishnamurthy Road,

Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai -600 041

Email: snc_journal@hotmail.com






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