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Twenty-One days All Indian Refresher Course

 in Logic and Language: Eastern and Western

University of Delhi, Delhi


Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi invites applications along with detailed Curriculum Vitae from Teachers and Research Scholars interested in attending Indian Council of Philosophical Research sponsored Twenty-One days All Indian Refresher Course in Logic and Language: Eastern and Western to be  held in Delhi University from March 30 to April 19,2009.


The applications should reach Prof. Ashok Vohra, Head & Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007 by March 6, 2009.


The selected participants from outside Delhi shall be paid to and fro ACIII tier rail fare by the shortest route. Free Boarding and Lodging arrangements shall be made in the University Guest House.


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International Conference on Humanities in 21st Century

June 27 & 28, 2009

Thrissur, Kerala, India

International Conference on Humanities in 21st Century June 27&28, 2009 C PRACSIS ; THRISSUR; KERALA, India Keynote address: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Organized by: c pracsis: Centre for Performance Research and Cultural Studies
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 20 May 2009

Website: http://cpracsis.org
Contact name: C.S.Biju Ph.D.

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Seminar on Gandhi : First Circular

U.G.C. Sponsored National seminar is being organized by Department of Political Science, Amar Singh (P.G) College, Lakhaoti, Bulandshahr, UP, on 24-25 February, 2009. We are requesting you to send your paper along with an abstract latest by 10th Feb., 2009.
It would be highly appreciated if you can send your paper with abstract through E-mail ashuparsiya@rediffmail.com; or through registered post with CD, well in advance, so that the same can be published and circulated to the participants. We will publish the papers after the conference in the form of a book.
You are hereby requested to send your paper/article on any aspect of below mentioned themes, these are the tentative topics, you make chose any topic in an around the main theme of the conference.  
Main Theme: Gandhi in the 21st Century
Sub themes: 
1. Challenges of 21st century and Gandhian alternative
2. Locating Gandhi
3. Gandhi and Globalization
4. Gandhi and Contemporary World
5. Gandhi Science and Technology
6. Gandhi and Social Justice
7. Gandhi and Terrorism
8. Gandhi and Environment
9. Gandhi and Panchayati Raj institution
Amarsingh PG College
Lakhaoti, Bulandshahr
Website: http://seminarongandhi.blogspot.com/
Contact name: Dr. Ashutosh Pandey

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Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion


The Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion has commenced publishing the Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion annually from Fall 1996. The Journal covers the wide range of philosophies and religions which are indigenous to South Asia. It includes scholarly work of comparative and critical studies of Eastern and Western philosophies and religions. The Journal also includes sections on discussion articles and book reviews.

The Chief Editor: Kisor K Chakrabarti (USA). The Editorial Board includes:  Karuna Bhattacharyya (India), Ashoke Ganguly (India), Jay Garfield (USA), Steve Laylock (USA), J. N. Mohanty (USA), Steven Phillips (USA), Karl Potter (USA), Sukharanjan Saha (India), J. L. Shaw (New Zealand), and Mark Siderits (USA).

Scholars interested in submitting manuscripts may kindly contact:

Dr. Chandana Chakrabarti
Society for Indian Philosophy & Religion
PO Box 181
West Virginia

E-Mail: chandanachak@gmail.com

Phone: 336-324-3130

Individual Journal Subscription: $25.00. Institution: $55.00.

Checks should be made payable to the Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion. All inquiries, payments, and manuscripts should be mailed to the Associate Editor:

Dr. Chandana Chakrabarti
Society for Indian Philosophy & Religion
PO Box 181
West Virginia





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Centre for Social Studies ,University Campus,
Udhana  Magadalla Road,
395 007.
Gujarat,  India

The Centre is organizing a training course on COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN SOCIAL SCIENCES between March 16 and March 25, 2009 with the financial support of ICSSR, New Delhi. The course is particularly meant for those who are engaged in survey research and have to deal with data processing and analysis. Knowledge of basic statistical methods is essential. Applicants must be PC literate. The Centre has its in-house computer division. A general outline of the course, the details of which will be sent to the participants after their selection, is given below:

(1) Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research  &  Uses of Computers in Social Sciences (2) Survey Research: Methods and Tools;  (3)  Types   of  Data,  Data  Structure,  and  Data  retrieval; (4)  Research  methodology; (5) Statistical techniques and data analysis using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) package; (6) Demographic Data Analysis (7) Internet as an Archive: Possibilities, Problems and Perspectives

I shall indeed be thankful if you could kindly give due publicity to this amongst the faculty members / Ph.D. and M.Phil. students in your institution, who may be interested in applying for the course. Interested candidates are requested to send their application along with the filled in questionnaire (standard format enclosed) so as to reach us latest by January 29, 2009. For further information or to download the form, see our website at http://css.ac.in/form.pdf or write to us at: info@css.ac.in.

Those selected will have to deposit Rs.500/- as earnest money to be sent by M.O. This amount is refundable only after full attendance in this course. Participants will be charged a fee of Rs.800 if they are teachers; Rs.400 if they are M.Phil/ Ph.D. students receiving fellowships and Rs.200 if they are M.Phil/ Ph.D. students not receiving any fellowship. We will defray to and fro second-class travel expenses besides providing usual hospitality to the participants, as per ICSSR rules.



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Proposals invited for the establishment of Centres on Peace and Conflict Resolutions for joint funding by the ICPR and NCRI.

The Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New Delhi, and the National Council of Rural Institutes (NCRI), Hyderabad, have signed an MOU to establish Centres on Peace and Conflict Resolutions based on the Gandhian perspective. The purpose of this letter is to invite proposals from Universities/institutions for setting up such centres on Peace and Conflict Resolutions.

The proposal to establish such a centre is considered profoundly relevant today i.e., for contemporary times. The committee of academicians which recommended establishment of such Centre have stated:

“As of now the focus in state policy is to counter violence with violence. In other words, the perspectives on peace and conflict resolution are not guided by Gandhian ideas of ahimsa. In the long run, it is necessary to change the mindsets of youngsters so that they internalize the Gandhian values and approaches and thereby help to promote all-round well being of humans. The teaching and research programmes of the proposed centre should focus on this.”

It is also proposed that the selected institutions will be provided financial assistance of about Rs. 1.00 crore over a five-year period and after the expiry of which, the concerned institution will have to continue the programmes of the Centre and meet the expenditure 100 percent.

In order to identify the institutions for establishing such Centres, the joint Committee of ICPR and NCRI evolved a short proforma which is enclosed to this. Institutions interested in establishing the proposed Centre on Peace and Conflict Resolutions should complete the proforma and mail it to

Prof. Godavarisha Mishra,

Member Secretary,

Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), 36,

Tughlakabad Institutional Area, (Near Batra Hospital),

MB Road, New Delhi – 110062.

E-mail: gmisra19@hotmail.com gmishra_ms@icpr.in before February 7th 2009.


Note: this letter is cited from website of ICPR,New Delhi


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Short-term Course on Understanding and Interrogating Postmodernism

May 15 – 18, 2008

Organized by

Department of Humanities& Social Sciences IIT Kharagpur


The focus, firstly, will be on providing a comprehensive understanding of postmodernism by re-reading and re-analyzing those philosophic discourses and insights that have contributed to the creation of postmodernism, and those, which have maintained and carried forward the exploration of issues concomitant with and ensuing out this concept.

Secondly, the focus will be on mastering the critical and alternative approaches to postmodernism with a view to devise creative responses, something that will display the way of exploiting this concept as a form of discourse or better as an idea to formulate our own. The bottom line would be to de-centre postmodernism from our consciousness and our intellectual landscape so that our responses would be truly post-colonial and our writings instead of attempting to re-create the condition of post-modernity would validate the presence of core-unified sensibility, the resistant, unchanging core of our ontology(ies) preparing for post-colonial future(s).


Each lecture will be followed by an interactive session. The aim of this session would be to clarify the doubts of the participants while providing an occasion for them to engage with the faculty conducting the session. These sessions would last for 15-20 minutes. An effort shall be made to extract creative responses from the participants.


The course aims to attract faculty from well-known institutes within India, preferably from Central Universities, other IITs and some of the top universities of the state. Apart from academics, we may also have creative writers/poets/literary critics, particularly those with keen interest in postmodernism. Lectures will also be delivered by the team of excellent faculty with expertise in critical theory, literature of our Department. 

Target Audience/Eligibility of the participants:

This is a highly specialized course meant for faculty from Recognized/Deemed Universities, UGC approved colleges, AICTE approved technical and Management institutes, and Ph.D and M.Phil Scholars, MA students, and Graduates from the same. The course also has a scope to accommodate people with MA/BA/M.Tech/B.Tech degree from non-academic realms/professions, particularly those who wish to explore post-modern issues.


The course aims to accommodate approximately 50 partcipants

Registration Fee:

A sum of 3000/- from participants who are working as full/part time faculty or those working for non-academic organization

A sum of 2000/- from Ph.D scholars, M.Phil, MA/M.Tech Students

No registration fee from faculty and students of our Institute


The Registration fee is non-refundable. The fee will take care of accommodation and course materials. The Department will host a dinner, and tea and refreshment will be provided after two consecutive sessions.

Kindly, pay the registration fee by a bank draft drawn in favor of CEP-STC, IIT Kharagpur.

How to Apply:

Interested participants should download the completed application form from the IIT website and submit the hard copy to the coordinator at the mailing address mentioned below.

Important Dates:

Last date for receiving applications: 1 May 2009
Intimation to participants: 7 May 2009
Course Dates: 15-18 May 2009

Mailing Address:
Dr Saswat. S. Das, Coordinator:
STC on Understanding and Interrogating Postmodernism
Dept. of HSS, Indian Institute of Technology,
Kharagpur-721302, West-Bengal, India.
Tel: 03222-283611 (O), 03222-283610 (Res.)
Mobile: 09434019044
Fax: 03222-255303/282280
Email: ssd@hss.iitkgp.ernet.in


IIT Kharagpur is situated 116km away from Kolkata, and it is the oldest and the largest amongst all the IITs. Kharagpur is an important junction in the south Eastern Railways, and is well connected to all major cities in India. The IIT is about 5 km from Kharagpur railway station, and is accessible by rickshaws, autos, and taxis from the station.

For more details go to:


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Call for Papers

Satya Nilyam Research Institute

Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai 600 041


Call for Papers

Scholarly papers are sought on Human Person: Various Perspectives for inclusion in the forthcoming issue of Satya Nilyam Chennai Journal of Intercultural Philosophy.Specific topics could touch upon the views of various religious, science, and philosophers, and cover areas such as human nature, origin, and destiny; human’s relation to the universe and the Ultimate; freedom and responsibility; nature of soul, soul-body relationship…


Submission Guidelines:

  • Please submit abstracts, prepared for blind review , by e-mail or hard copy within a month and a half after receiving this communication.
  • If a proposal is accepted, the finished papers should be submitted within forty-five days from the day of receiving the communication of acceptance.


Please send submission to:


The Director,

Satya Nilyam Research Institute

201 Kalki Krishnamurthy Road,

Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai -600 041

Email: snc_journal@hotmail.com





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